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Minles Nirmalis

Caring is a strength

Minles Nirmalis is the youngest son of Kymil Nirmaris and Fonlen Nirmaris. He has a very close relationship with his parents but isn't as close with his older sister Raire Nirmalis. He's known to be very emotionally intelligent, sensitive, kind and caring.  
Minles isn't entirely as devoted to his studies as Raire is, but he has something she doesn't: compassion. He naturally excels at understanding and caring for others, and he's shown his worth in various diplomatic situations.

Plans for his future

Minles hasn't dared to plan too much about his future, as it is still uncertain whether he will be chosen as the next High Fae after his mother. He's doing what he can to prepare himself for that possibility, but at the same time, preparing himself for the opposite outcome as well.  

Helping others

He enjoys spending time with people and helping them, so on the side of his political studies, he's training with the nurses in the closeby infirmary as well. He finds it interesting how a combination of magic and the right ingredients can help certain patients and spends a lot of time writing all that he learns down. Much of the information is usually passed from nurse to nurse, and he believes it could be beneficial to have it readily available in a book.
Year of Birth
1519 ADF 65 Years old

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