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Nirmaris Family

Leaders of the Air Fae

The Nirmaris Family is a well-known and respected Fae family. The family are the leaders of the Air Fae and members of the family have held the title of High Fae of the Air Fae for many generations. References to the Nirmaris family can be found scattered all over fae history, both in art, warfare and place names.  
The Nirmaris family have always been the pride and joy of the air fae. They tend to be smart and cunning and they've ensured their people's success through hard times.
— Air Fae Historian
  In the Nirmaris family, there is little space for slagging off or underperforming. Being born into this family means you're destined for great things, whether you like it or not.  

Head of the family

There is a leader within the family at all times. This person is usually inspirational and is meant to both make important decissions but also ensure that everyone is reaching their full potential and inspire them to reach their set goals. The head of the family is typically the High Fae, but sometimes it's also been their spouse, if there has been little time to both lead the air fae and the family.   The current leader of the family is Kymil Nirmaris, who also holds the title of Air High Fae. She became the new leader after the assassination of her father, Celtin Nirmaris. She's known to be a good leader, but she hasn't had her chance to show her prowess in battle, since the fae currently have a peace agreement and work together more than work against one another.  

The Legendary Celtin

Before Kymil, it was Celtin Nirmaris who was the head of the family. He went down in history as the first Arch High Fae, the leader of the united fae. He managed to unite the fae, something that they never thought would happen due to the tensions and continous struggle between the fae factions. Sadly, he was assassinated by a human, but the union of the fae didn't crumble. His legacy was continued by the High Fae Court and his daughter who took over as leader of the air fae.
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