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Linnah Nirmaris

Skilled with magic

Linnah Nirmaris is the daughter of Celtin Nirmaris and Helni Nirmaris, and the older sister of Kymil Nirmaris and Kensin Nirmaris. She's known for being a skilled magic user and for being a close confidante to Kymil Nirmaris after she took over as High Fae.  
Linnah taught me everything I know about magic, she's so incredibly talented!


Linnah was very close to her brother and sister in her younger days. That bond only grew stronger when her father was assassinated. When Kymil became the new High Fae, Linnah did everything to aid her. They were both dealing with unimaginable grief and anger, and Linnah wanted to ensure that Kymil didn't do something rash.  


Linnah met and married a man at the age of 83, they dated for all of 2 years before she decided to propose. Together they had a daughter, but tragedy struck, and her husband died just 5 years after she'd given birth. She spend a lot of time raising her daughter, with the help of her mother Helni.  

Magic school

At the age of 35, it was already clear that Linnah had great talent and skill when it came to magic. She was very dedicated to learning more, but there was only so much she could teach herself. Her parents got her a mentor, whom she was trained by for 10 years.   When she exceeded her mentor in skill, he recommended to her parents she should be given the opportunity to get a formal education in magic, at the most prestigious school, and they agreed.
Year of Birth
1428 ADF 156 Years old

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