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The Runestones of Alahon

The Heart of Alahon

The Runestones of Alahon are a magical tool to ensure the climate in Alahon is as the inhabitants wish it to be. It is periodically infused with magic to keep the effect up, since the magic wears off slowly.  
Runestones of Alahon by Ninne124

Construction and form

  There are 7 stones in the formation of the most common way of illustrating the Fae Mark, with the Spirit Mark in the middle and the rest of the marks positioned opposite of their opposite mark.  
The enchantments on the stones are what's keeping the islands from having a temperature far under zero. There's no sun in Alahon to keep us warm so we have to fix that ourselves.
  Each stone only affects the islands associated with it, but the main island and High Fae Court HQ island are affected by all of the stones at once. This is because if the magic disappears on one stone, the most important islands are rendered inhabitable in seconds.  

Yleen Ikliass and the creation of Alahon

The stones where placed there as anchors for the spells by Yleen Ikliass, the architect of Alahon. The pocket dimension was inhabitable when she discovered it. She had help teleporting in the islands, as a person very skilled in Earth Magic was needed for that.   Yleen was an Air Fae and had a very hard time learning even simple Earth spells, however what she lacked in earth magic she more than made up for in Air Magic. She managed to transport breathable air there and anchor it so it would stay around the islands, creating a fake atmosphere.   However, Yleen wasn't able to affect the climate of the islands in a way that would hold forever. Therefore, she placed the stones so the spells could be placed on them and could easily be monitored. A sizable group of people were in charge of making sure that the spells were still strong enough so no one died suddenly due to the temperature dropping dramatically.
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Parent Location
Owning Organization
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A part of the Fae Realms, though not bound to a specific type of Fae like the rest are. This realm is used for diplomatic interactions between all of the Fae and is the head quarters of the High Fae Court.

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