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Energy Sculpture

A symbol for Magic

A statue found in Alahon on one of the many islands in the tiny pocket dimension. It was built in 1464 ADF and was placed in the same locations where it is currently still standing. The sculpture is made specifically for Alahon, and wasn't taken anywhere else as some of the other landmarks are.  

A symbolic sculpture

The sculpture is meant to depict the energy of the worlds, also known as magic. The two "streams" that diverge which both symbolizes the different types of magic as well as the way different magic can reach the same outcome, if controlled adequately.  
A map over the pocket dimension known as Alahon. This realm is inhabited by the fae.
Founding Date
1464 ADF
Parent Location
It's quite a big statue, but I must say, I rarely glance at it anymore. It's just sort of there.   It looses the wow-effect when you see it day-in-day-out, you know?
— Inhabitant of Alahon
Geographic Location | Jul 22, 2022

A part of the Fae Realms, though not bound to a specific type of Fae like the rest are. This realm is used for diplomatic interactions between all of the Fae and is the head quarters of the High Fae Court.

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28 Dec, 2020 19:51

I love the depiction of it on the map! It looks adorable! :D Probably less adorable in real life because it's massive, though, haha. :D

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That quote was a big mood. I felt the same way when we visited Paris one ungodly early morning during the European tour with my dance group.   After you've seen the Arc de Triomphe five times in the span of an hour, it rapidly stopped being amazing. And we were mostly just tired. XD