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Crubak Wine

Clear Blue wine

Crubak berry wine is an alcoholic drink well-known for it's unique light blue colour. It's is sweet to the taste, but still dry enough so that it goes well with most foods. This wine is made from Crubak Berries from the Crubak Berry Bushes. The wine is mostly produced in Elken and in Alahon.   Elken is where the largest farm production of Crubak Berries takes place, and many of those berries are either sold or used for the production of wine.   While most products made with Crubak Berries are quite popular in Dysvoll, and especially northern Dysvoll, the Crubak wine hasn't had the same amount of success. It is a standard wine to drink in Elken and can often be seen on dinner tables or drunk at the local tavern. It isn't uncommon to see people enjoying a taste of it here and there in Kanden as well.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Production Area
Elken and Alahon

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Dec 30, 2020 22:19 by Avalon Arcana

What a simple yet lovely article. Makes me want to pull out a glass of my own. (kool-aid of course, have to mimik the color)

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Dec 31, 2020 22:23 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I'd love to see the blue colour of this wine in real life. I don't drink wine but I would try this!

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