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Feast of the Fallen Leaves

Uniting the Fae

The Feast of the Fallen Leaves is a yearly feast hosted by the High Fae Court. The Feast is held as a big festival throughout the entirety of Alahon. The event is held over the span of a week, with more than five thousand people visiting the realm on each day. Anyone can attempt the feast, however, it does happen that they have to refuse people trying to get in because the floating islands are overcrowded.  


The Alliance of the Fae and the High Fae Court was established 103 years ago when the Treaty of Kloevendal, which ended The Thousand Year War. This tradition has been around for less than that, as it was established by the newly formed high court a few years after the treaty was signed.  

Borrowing Traditions

The feast is not that different from other events held by the individual types of fae, and this is because the first Arch High Fae Celtin Nirmaris based it on the different traditions seen around the fae world. He consulted the rest of the High Fae to ensure that nothing would seem offensive or out of place for any of the fae people.  

New Traditions

Though they decided to base the feast on pre-existing traditions, they also decided that they would add new traditions to this feast as well; things that weren't seen in the pre-existing traditions they borrowed from.  

The Nut Project

The High Fae of the Water and Fire court decided to work together on a small personal project. They came up with the idea of making a concentrated oil from the Mocory Nuts found of the one Mocory Tree in Alahon. This tree is also known as The Tree of Legnas.   They invented Magic-Driven Distillation, which was more efficient than normal distillation. Furthermore, it required fewer tools and was easier to control than trying to use a spell to distil it instead. This led to the creation of the Fae Mocory Nut Oil, which had a very high concentration compared to the regular Mocory Nut Oil. This oil was used to make Mocory Cream Soup, a dish all of the High Fae Court came to love.   Celtin Nirmaris decided that the Mocory Cream Soup would be a dish specifically tied to the feast. The reason for this was that it had been created in unity and that it ended up uniting all seven high faes together at the beginning of the alliance.
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