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Magic-Driven Distillation

A project with a legacy

Magic-Driven Distillation is a way of distilling a liquid using magic to heat the liquid up and cool down the steam during the process. Similar processes have been attempted before, however, with more magic used which ended with worse results than those generally seen using this method.  

More Control

The method of Magic-Driven Distillation has a higher precision-rate than the non-magic way of distillation, and furthermore, it doesn't need the same amount of tools. The higher amount of precision is due to the fact that a skilled Fire Magic user can control the flame a lot better than an open fire can be controlled. It is also faster, due to the fact that a Water Magic user can turn steam into water a lot faster than what can be achieved without magic. The method is mostly seen in fae communities.   Trying to achieve effects similar to distillation with only magic often end in a worse quality or unusable product due to the unpredictable nature of magic in the hands of non-elite Spell-casters.  

Cultural Importance

The inventors of the Magic-driven Distillation method is rarely remembered for this discovery. However, this is not because it was forgotten or is unimportant, but rather because their other actions in life overshadow this method by far.  

The Inventors

Maielle Adwenys and Aepilon Virgella are both High Fae, leaders of the Water Fae and the Fire Fae respectively. The latter is currently the Arch High Fae of the High Fae Court.  

Purpose and Legacy

The purpose of the magic-driven distillation was to make a more concentrated version of Mocory Nut Oil. This was achieved and the product from that is commonly known as Fae Mocory Nut Oil. This oil is an all-important ingredient in Mocory Cream Soup, which is a culturally important dish to the fae. It is served every year at the Feast of the Fallen Leaves, as a symbol of the unity of the fae.
Maielle Adwenys, Aepilon Virgella

Feast of the Fallen Leaves
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 26, 2020

A yearly feast held by the fae as a symbol of their shared alliance and peace.

The Tree of Legnas
Building / Landmark | Jun 23, 2020

A completely ordinary tree. It is owned by Legnas the Illusionist.

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