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Mocory Tree

A tree species adopted by the fae

The Mocory Tree is a tree commonly found in the northern-most part of Dysvoll, mainly in Kanden. Seven out of ten of all Mocory trees are found in Elken and Estratoft. Other places they can be found includes Bredtkiping, Hanalund and also in the Fae Realms where they were first brought to by Legnas the Illusionist.  


The tree is farmed for the nuts it produces, known as Mocory Nuts. The nuts are culturally valuable to the Fae two use them in a dish known as Mocory Cream Soup. This particular soup is served at the Feast of the Fallen Leaves, an event which symbolises the alliance and peace amongst the fae.  


Common products made from the nuts include Mocory Nut Oil as well as the Magic-driven Distillatilled version known as Fae Mocory Nut Oil.   The nuts are also ground up and used in a pesticide. It is effective for the job due to the amount of Myristicin naturally found in the nut. Mostly the country of Elken use it as a pesticide.  


Mocory trees are medium-sized deciduous trees. The Mocory Tree is a tall but slender species with its average diameter being around 55 cm. This species of tree is quite resilient and tolerant when it comes to soil and is able to survive in both acidic and alkaline soil environments. The tree fares best in moist soil.  

Ecological Importance

The tree is important to the survival of several insect-species as well as a handful of small mammals.   The insects survive off of the leaves of the tree, as the nuts themselves contain Myristicin which is highly toxic to a pretty big amount of insects native to the same places as the mocory tree. However, most of the mammals which eat from the tree go for the nuts, as they are not affected by the myristicin.
Geographic Distribution

The Tree of Legnas
Building / Landmark | Jun 23, 2020

A completely ordinary tree. It is owned by Legnas the Illusionist.

Cover image: by Ninne124


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