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Trance Inducing Molecule

A chemical component commonly found in herbs and plants around Dysvoll. One of the most well-known items that contains myristicin is Mocory Nuts.   The formula for myristicin is C11H12O3.  


Myristicin is a naturally occurring chemical compound which has multiple uses, and different areas and species utilize its properties for different things. Both humans and Fae grow the Mocory Trees and harvest the nuts for very specific reasons.  


Myristicin is often used as a pesticide by humans. It has shown to be highly effective against many types of larvae commonly found in the northernmost parts of Dysvoll. Furthermore, many flying insects are repelled by the smell of it.   Myristicin is especially common in the agricultural communities in Kanden. It is used frequently and the Mocory Nut business is very lucrative in this area.  


Where humans use the chemical compound to grow food, the fae use it to cook food instead. The fae generally make a highly concentrated oil from it, which is used in many well-known dishes. An example is the Mocory Cream Soup, which is served at the Feast of the Fallen Leaves.  

Physiological Effects

Myristicin induce a trance-like state in humans commonly referred to as Fae-Food Induced Trance. It does not have any effects on fae.  

Psycoactive effect and symptoms

When Myristicin is metabolized and broken down it becomes MMDA, which is believed to have a high psychotropic potential. It only affects humans. There are many symptoms of Fae-Food induced trance, below are some of the symptoms listed after rarity and when they're present in the affected individual.  

During the Trance

Common Uncommon
Hyperactivity Sense of Impending Doom
Insomnia Detachment from Reality (dissociation)
Elevated Empathy Acute Psychotic Episodes
Elevated Mood Hostility
Raised Heart-Rate Visual Hallucinations
Increased Blood-Pressure Combative
Lessened Appetite Sudden heart-Failure

After The Trance

Common Uncommon
Nausea Temporary Memory Loss
Chills & Sweating Violent Mood Swings
Muscle Cramps Total Loss of Appetite
Irritability Prolonged Psychotic State
Depressive episodes Chronic Psychosis
Scientific Formula
Common State
Related Species
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Jul 24, 2020 02:32 by Joel Stainer

Holy cow, for a half a minute I thought this chemical wasn't real(no offence, I just thought it was an alien chemical) until my google search said it was Earth real. Oops. If you don't think it exists, it probably does. Now that is research for realism. Nice job!

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Thanks! :D

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Jul 24, 2020 06:32 by Tobias Linder

Excuse me? CHEMICAL FORMULA? That's going a long way.   That said, I learned about a new chemical today. It definitely comes off as "fantasy-esque" but apparently it's real. That's hella neat!

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Thank you Toblin! ^-^   And I can't just leave the formula out! My biotech teacher would scream XD

Grab your hammer and go worldbuild! :3
Nov 10, 2021 16:13 by A

Must say that it is interesting to read. Seems like the Fea like to be high with a concentration of this in their food even if they don't feel the effect! Jock aside, since this is also a real nature chemistry, I am impressed and feel that it could be expanded upon more? Traditions with this would be an example of what I would like to see since it feels fitting for a psychoactive effect.   And congratulations on your nomination to best material!

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