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Fae-Food Induced Trance

Entranced by the Fae Delicacies

You should never accept food from a fae!   My great-grandpa did once and he wandered around for days in his own little world, completely out of his wits. He was mumbling to himself and constantly ran around doing all kinds of things!   When he came to, he had no idea what he had been doing or where he'd been!
— Dysvoll Resident
  Fae-Food Induced Trance is also commonly referred to as Fae Trance or FFIT. It is believed that when food of the Fae is ingested by a human, they will be in a trance-like state for anything from two hours to two days. However, it is uncommon for the trance state to last for more than 8 hours.  


The condition is not caused by Fae Food specifically, though that is what most humans believe and also what some fae believe as well. However, it is caused by a chemical compound found in Mocory Nuts which is used in an important fae dish called Mocory Cream Soup. Some humans have tried to steal a taste, which has never ended well.   The compound is called Myristicin, which is a compound found naturally in a small array of herbs and plants.
It is a precursor of amphetamine and it's theorized that it metabolizes into MMDA, which is highly psychoactive. However, Fae are not affected by it like humans are.  

Physiological Effects

The Fae-Food Induced Trance state has a range of easily identifiable symptoms both during the state and after it has ended. These symptoms only come in humans. Some of the symptoms only last as long as the human is in the trance while others might last for a few weeks.  

Psychoactive effect and symptoms

When Myristicin is metabolized and broken down it becomes MMDA, which is believed to have a high psychotropic potential. It only affects humans. There are many symptoms of Fae-Food induced trance, below are some of the symptoms listed after rarity and when they're present in the affected individual.  

During the Trance

Common Uncommon
Hyperactivity Sense of Impending Doom
Insomnia Detachment from Reality (dissociation)
Elevated Empathy Acute Psychotic Episodes
Elevated Mood Hostility
Raised Heart-Rate Visual Hallucinations
Increased Blood-Pressure Combative
Lessened Appetite Sudden heart-Failure

After The Trance

Common Uncommon
Nausea Temporary Memory Loss
Chills & Sweating Violent Mood Swings
Muscle Cramps Total Loss of Appetite
Irritability Prolonged Psychotic State
Depressive episodes Chronic Psychosis
Chemical Compound
Affected Species

Fae Mocory Oil and Concentration

The fae produce Fae Mocory Nut Oil, which is a highly distilled version of the common Mocory Nut Oil.   Its high concentration of Myristicin makes it extremely dangerous to humans. A teaspoon of the fae oil could give the same effects as ingesting over 100 mocory nuts in one sitting.
Mocory Tree
Species | Jul 26, 2020

A tree which is farmed due to the nuts it produces.



The Mocory Tree originates in Elken and Estratoft, and people of this region are mostly aware of some of the side effects of ingesting too much of the Mocory Nuts.
Mocory Nuts
Item | Dec 27, 2020

A nut which grows on the mocory tree. Mostly used to make oil with.

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