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Mocory Nuts

Popular in oil production

Mocory nuts are small brown nuts, they grow inside of a soft casing which turns into a hardened shell a few weeks before they're ready for harvest. They are harvested from the Mocory Tree in late summer to early fall.  


It is commonly used to make Mocory Nut Oil, which is used for cooking and production of cosmetics. Many people also consume the nuts in their raw form or after roasting them.   The Fae produce their own version of this oil called Fae Mocory Nut Oil. This oil is specifically used to make Mocory Cream Soup.   They contain small amounts of Myristicin, a psychoactive material which can cause hallucinations in humans. The effect of myristicin in humans are commonly called Fae-Food Induced Trance.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
4 g - 10 g
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