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Lantern Lighting

Light to keep away the dangerous darkness

Lantern lighting is a very common tradition throughout many settlements in Dysvoll. The towns have different ways to go about it, but common for them all is that it is a group activity usually carried out shortly before sundown.  

Keeping away the monsters

Most towns that can afford it have lampposts put up with a strategic spacing, to ensure as much concentrated light as possible. To deter Dark Entities, there has to be a certain amount of light present. It is not possible for them to achieve a light intensity that could kill the spirits, that would require too many candles or light oil.  

Evening sing-along

A common thing seen in different settlements that do lantern lighting is that they've come up with a song they sing underway, which indicates how far they've come in lighting the lanterns. It also indicates where the other members of the light party are located, as they can hear what direction the sound is coming from.   The lantern lighting brings the community together as they prepare for the night and try to ensure each other's safety.
Important Locations
Goal: Keep Dark Entities at bay
From what I have been told, we've lit lanterns together as a town for hundreds of years.   It is always a good idea to do what one can to keep those pesky monsters away. Some of them can be awfully destructive!   Some might see it as extra labour, but most of us enjoy how it bonds us closer together and we make sure everyone is protected.
— Citizen of Armsby

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