The people of flowers

The Elensh people is a group that has had a cultural identity for many hundreds of years. They're primarily found in Olinthis as well as the southern parts of Elken. They are the main people of Olinthis but are considered a minority in Elken, though they're generally respected both places.   They're known as the people of the flowers, because many of their traditions feature colourful flowers and they're known for being the best flower traders through many parts of Dysvoll.

The People of the Flowers

The Elensh people put a lot of weight in flowers and their meanings and most major occasions and traditional holidays have a flower or a specific colour connected to it. Flowers are almost their own language with the Elensh and you can tell each other a lot simply with flowers.  

The Language of Flowers

The meanings of the different flowers are so well known for the Elensh people, that you can present someone with a bouqet and they will immediately know your intention as long as you followed the general meaning conventions that have been passed down over centuries.   The easiest way to get a complete overview is by reading the book The Language of Flowers, which is a comprehensive guide to flower types and colours and their connected meanings in the Elensh culture. This book is a normal gift to give when a child is born or when they turn 5, depending on the area you live.   You can propose with a flower, break up with a flower, start a fight with one, show your love or appreciation for someone or even tell someone to go to bed with one. Of course, flowers don't need to be involved in any of these actions, but they definitely can be if one wishes that.  


Elensh people share some simmilarities with most of their neighbours, they tend to have skin colours that are neither fair nor dark, but are right in the medium range. Their eyes are often deep brown, hazel or deep green and light coloured eyes are uncommon. They have dark but often thin hair which tends to curl or have wave patterns.   Most common face shapes include slim faces with long and thin noses. Defined eyebrows and eyelashes are common and beardgrowth is observed mostly in men. Dimples are quite common, and seen more often than in most other people.  
Common Phenotypes

Common Phenotypes of Elensh people

Skin Tones

The most common skintones for Elensh people range from a medium fair to a light deep brown. They often have a warm undertone to their skin.
Most common skin tones

Hair colours

Elensh people usually have deep brown hair, edging close to a pitch black. However lighter shades of brown and reddish brown is also observable. Their hair is often wavy or curly but quite thin.
Most common hair colours

Eye colours

The most observed eye colours include any brown shades, though most commonly the medium browns as well as deep hazel and green colours.
Most common eye colours

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