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Emperor Yarken

The Last Emperor of Kyenashi

Emperor Yarken Erenias Dilal

Emperor Yarken was the ruler of the Kyenashi Empire, a once great empire in the southern middle part of Dysvoll. He's remembered as a great emperor and a very fleeting flirt who courted numerous partners and fathered many children. He eventually caused the downfall of his own empire with his non-committal ways, as their was no clear successor to take the mantle after he passed away.  

The Man of Many Lovers

From his young days, Yarken showed a clear preference for a loose sort of relationships, not feeling the want to tie the knot with one single person. He was better with romancing whomever he wanted, and all who entered into any sort of romantic relations with him knew, that he was not monogamous and accepted that.  

Numerous Children

He had a total of 23 different partners throughout his life, which is not an outrageous number in itself, but compared to earlier emperors, this was a large number. The main point where most thought it was many partners was, that he had children with 12 of them.   The emperor's estate crawled with happy kids and echoes of child laughter could be heard in almost any corridor.   All of the children lived at the estate for as long as their other parent was a partner of the emperor. But it was common that they were moved out after the relationships eventually ended.

Succession Conflict

At his death, Yarken had a total of 18 children and 37 grandchildren. However, he never married, and as such, the line of succession wasn't clear.   Some believed it should be the oldest child. Other's believed it should be the oldest child of the first official partner.   The disagreement between the many different camps caused trouble, and each child and their families sought to take the power for themselves.   This led to a great civil war which ended in the empire splitting up into many small nations and regions.

The Grave of peace

After his death, his children turned on each other and a bloody civil war followed. There were many casualties, and many of the possible successors lost their lives in the battles. The only place where everyone was guaranteed safety, was at the grave of their father. This was the spot of all peace negotiations, since no one dared dishonour their father, this was a good place to do it. Then it was ensured that no one got assassinated during the process, and no one did.  

Desecration of the grave

However, the grave was disturbed many years after it had served this important purpose of ensuring peace. The most valuable item on the grave was the Golden Epitaph of Emperor Yarken, a plaque that commemorated the emperor and wished him safe passage to wherever he might go after life.   This plaque was stolen by a thief known as Theodore the Nimble Fingered, and has been missing from the emperor's grave ever since.
743 ADF 816 ADF 73 years old
Deep Brown
Warm black, curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Medium tan
Aligned Organization
Golden Epitaph of Emperor Yarken
Item | Jul 26, 2021

A priceless artifact, and the plaque made for the grave of the last Emperor of Kyenash.

Essentially, the emperor could've easily avoided the destruction of his empire. But he probably didn't think that his children would go to war over power.   If he had either officially declared a successor, or married one of the partners he had fathered children with, the problem would've been solved.
Kyenashi Empire
Organization | Dec 12, 2022

An Empire that no longer exists.

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