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Minaye Logging Company

Supplier of Wood

The Minaye Logging company is the largest logging company in Minaye and one of the largest logging companies in Olinthis. They have a good reputation and are known for supplying quality wood for building projects to towns along the Subanya River.  
I used to work with one of the other logging companies here in town, but they didn't treat me half as well and the Minaye Logging Company does!   It might be scary work, but the company does what it can to lessen the possibility of anything bad happening!
— Employee at Minaye Logging Company

Dominating the Wood Market

Minaye Logging Company dominates the wood market in central Olinthis, and it has a firm grasp on the biggest buyer of them all: Yeleni, the capital of Olinthis. Every year, the company's exports make up about 80% of all wood exported by companies using the Lyvoth Forest, and more than 60% of wood used in Yeleni comes from the company.  

Employer of the month

The company is able to export this much wood, due to how many workers they've brought in as employees. Compared to the other companies in the field, the Minaye Logging Company goes a step further when it comes to securing the safety of its employees. If any of their employees go missing, the company takes care of the finances for the family left behind.
Founding Date
1501 ADF
Corporation, Business
Alternative Names
The Logging Company

Settlement | Dec 27, 2022

A logging town in the south of Olinthis, lies close to the Subanya River and Lyvoth Forest.

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