Bredtean Melpin

The Thief of the Night

Bredtean Melpins are native to Bredtkiping, which is one of it's only known habitats. It can also be found on some of the small islands around Kanden, along with Alinage but not anywhere else on mainland Kanden.   The Bredtean Melpin is considered an Apex Predator, as there are no other creatures which hunt it in its natural habitat. The isles in Kanden have neither wolves or foxes unlike other parts of Dysvoll, which makes lands the melpin in the top of the food chain in it's territory.  

Anatomy and Morphology

The Body

Melpins are lithe ferret-like creatures, though they're a bit bigger than a common ferret. Their long body is covered in fur, they have four legs which are quite short. Moreover, their feet are very hand-like and are covered in hardened skin accompanied by claws, which all makes them great at climbing trees.  

The Face

Their faces are quite broad and flat, save for their protruding snouts. Their snouts are around 4 centimetres long but they're not very thick. Their eyes are quite big and their pupils can become almost as big as the iris. This allows them to hunt during the night as well as day.  

Dietary Needs and Habits


Melpins are omnivores and eat both plants and other animals. The general diet of the Melpin consists of birds, mice and rats though they're also quite likely to eat the local fruits during the winter months.  
They often eat the chickens that the people of Bredtkiping keep for their eggs, which makes them a pest in some peoples eyes. It is not uncommon to see the melpin hunt for insects either, especially not if food is sparce.   They're also seen raiding the nests of some bigger bird species, including the owls and seagulls.
The darn Melpins got to my chickens again!   I am proper angry now; they took my best egg-laying hen, poor Lida.
Next time I see them, those rascals won't make it out of my farm alive!
— Farmer from Bredtkiping


Melpins are diurnal creatures but they usually hunt during the nights if they're going after mice or planning to raid bird nests. During the winters they usually hunt during the day hours or in the late evening as they mostly go after fruit.  


The Bredtean Melpin is known for being an exceptionally good pet, though it is not often kept as one. A domesticated Melpin is a symbol of wealth and status in Bredtkiping and their offspring is as such not given to other people.   Therefore, the only ones who own a domesticated Melpin are usually the ones who have managed to catch one which was bearing kits and raised them after they were born.
10-15 years
Average Weight
1.5 - 3 kg
Geographic Distribution
Name of Offspring
Kit (singular)
Kits (plural)

Organization | Jul 2, 2021
Geographic Location | Jul 26, 2020

A region in North-Dysvoll

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