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T'ku T'kaka: Reminder of Death

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Many people consider the people of the Keyrit Order to be a charmless, rude, drab people, and would point to this very ritual as evidence why. Yet beyond the initial shock there is a meaningful lesson that parents teach kids, and further meaning given to the lives of all involved. And who's to say it isn't fun?


A set of parents and their friends dig a very deep hole for their child, at least twice the child's height and large enough for the child's bed. While the child sleeps, the bed (without bedposts) is lifted up by the adults and lowered into the hole, modeling a Ka T'kra. The hole represents a wide variety of topics, from death to stagnation to a lack of purpose. The child may spend all day in the hole if so chosen, and the child would be dependent on those outside the hole for food and entertainment. At the same time the following night, the parents return the bed to its original position. The child may alternatively choose to leave the hole by any means at hand. Only at or after noontime, the child may invite friends into the hole to get out together. When the child leaves the hole, the parents present a gift, and a large helping of food. The child has overcome complacency and is justly rewarded.

Components and tools

Parents use ladders to prevent themselves from getting trapped in the hole of their own making. It is also possible to get a premade hole from a lot owner, to save the hassle while still savoring the moment. These lots often include puzzles and contraptions, making leaving the hole a more interesting experience.


The party is attended by the child, the parents, and both of their sets of friends. Often more lavish holes attract bystanders and spectacle attendees.


The T'ku T'kaka occurs on every child's birthday for that child.
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