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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

T'kra, Tura, Keyi, Awil, Karu

Masculine names

T'korow, Ekil, Ketu, Kaltri, Tikwe

Unisex names

Yekye, Raku, Roka, Ketra, Wyi

Family names

Eyeketrau, Weyatrau, Aroitriyi, Ketrawoi, Tawokyi, Yilityo, Oraeyero


Shared customary codes and values

For Keyrit, both as a nation and a culture, philosophy is strictly a pastime; it's never been integrated into its economy or political structure. In those domains, pragmatism reigns supreme and unopposed. The Keyrit would gladly drop their philosophy if their means of funding or some crisis demanded it. In the eyes of Keyrit, philosophy is made possible by wealth and hard work, rather than wealth and hard work being compelled by philosophy.


Beauty Ideals

Keyrit-Welokyi males frown on mustaches but appreciate long, well-kept beards. It is common but not required to pluck eyebrows and eyelashes. It is reasonable to be overweight, but not to the point of health problems. Keyrit-Welokyi females are encouraged to maintain either bobbed hair or very long hair. Dress-wear has very similar standards.

Gender Ideals

There have been instances of males claiming they're female and vice versa, but usually gender and sex are considered identical. Gender-swapping is practically never found in relevant literature.

Courtship Ideals

Marriage is generally an individual-to-individual affair, with no familial or external influences involved. Both sexes are socially allowed to make the first move. Marriage is always the intent of courtship. The final event of courtship, the "great climb," is when both partners hike to the summit of the largest nearby scaleable mountain, at which point they proclaim, simultaneously, "Ter Rowerai woya, koi ter trau taiyi. Terweroo, te tar wo tai ter ya:" "Standing above all, I proclaim my love to you. You and I are one now."

Relationship Ideals

Three children of any sex who mature to adulthood is considered the pinnacle of success for a family. More is optional but encouraged. Of the two parents, one must tend to internal affairs of the household, while another must attend to external affairs. While the former is often filled by the father, mothers usually fill this role.

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