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Natively known as: Vukaɪya /ˈʋukaˌɪʎɑ/

  Spelling rules:
Pronunciation Spelling
ŋ ng
ɑ a
ɛ e
ɰ g
ɽ r
ʈ t
ʋ v
ʎ y

Writing System

Wokaiya script consists of syllabic blocks, but each block is comprised of marks that determine the phonetic composition of the syllable.     Vowels listed as syllabic verticals: O, I, A Consonants listed as syllabic diagonals: W, Y Consonants listed as syllabic horizontals: T, K, R Consonants miscellaneous: G, NG   o ɛ/i ɑ
ʈ |______|______| ŋ
k |______|______| |
ɽ |______|______| _/
diagonal from top left to bottom right: ʋ
diagonal from top right to bottom left: ʎ


  • S → Ø / #_F
  • ʈ → ɖ / V_V
  • k → g / V_C
  • ɽ → Ø / V_C
  • ʋ → u / V_V
  • oɑ → u / _#
  • oiɑ → aʊ / _#
  • iɑ → aɪ / C_
Consonants always come before vowels in syllables if they exist, with the occasional exception of ɽ, where it will be denoted in the syllabic print by a curved ɽ line concave up.


-yi: Pertaining to, possession. I.e, "turayi": tura+yi, glory+yi, glorious
wo-, -ya: And, the set of. I.e, wokaiyi: wo+kai+yi, wo+word+yi, the set of all words, dictionary/language
-a'aru: large, superior, parent
-aru'u: little, subordinate, child

Derivational morphology

Adjective → adverb = Suffix -koɽ
Adjective → noun (the quality of being [adj]) = Prefix ʈkɽɑ-
Adjective → verb (to make something [adj]) = Suffix -ɽoɽ
Noun → adjective (having the quality of [noun]) = Prefix ʋɑ-
Noun → adjective relating to noun (e.g. economy → economic) = Suffix -ʎi
Noun → verb (to create [noun]) = If ends with consonantvowel: Suffix -oi
Else: Suffix -ɛ
Verb → adjective (result of doing [verb]) = Suffix -ɽɛɽ
Verb → adjective (likely to do [verb]) = Suffix -ʈɑɽ
Verb → noun (the act of [verb]) = Prefix ʋi-
Verb → noun that verb physically produces (e.g. build → building) = Prefix ʈku-
One who [verb]s (e.g. paint → painter) = If ends with consonantvowel: Suffix -iɛ
Else: Suffix -i
Place of (e.g. wine → winery) = Suffix -ʋɛɽɑɪ
Diminutive = Prefix ʋo-
Augmentative = Prefix ʋo-


Active Sentence word order: Verb-Subject-Object-Oblique. "Mary opened the door with a key" turns into Opened Mary the door with a key.
Passive Sentence word order: Subject-Verb-Comparison
Adjective order: Adjectives are positioned after the noun.


Consonant inventory: /k ŋ ɰ ɽ ʈ ʋ ʎ/
↓Manner/Place→ Labiodental Retroflex Palatal Velar
Nasal ŋ
Stop ʈ k
Approximant ʋ ɰ
Tap ɽ
Lateral approximant ʎ
Vowel inventory: /i o ɑ ɛ/   Tones: ˦ ˩ ˥ ˨ ˧
Front Back
High i
High-mid o
Low-mid ɛ
Low ɑ
All sounds are meant to be made with a fixed jaw, either open to the point where the alveolar ridge cannot be used or generally without the use of anything further front than the hard palate.


553 Words.
Root Languages
Spoken by
Common Phrases
Takaka Tar Turayi
War is Glorious
Tar Tehr Werai...
Lest I Be Counted Amongst...
Yetoi tar t'kroh-kou
Justice is a lie.
Woya woteya krau
The lonely will be reunited.
Kah teroi kreh
We must all serve someone.
Kah tar wayou royi
Debt is paid in lifeblood.
Wouraiyayi tou krau kohyi wotahya
Good news must be spread to the world.
Roi krah woroiya
Imperfection infests every man.
Wouraiya tar t'kroiyi
The world is free.
Yagoir goiraɪ oyiui ongtroi te undefined yagoir iyaro igyaier ogaoyi te undefined ta ngteoyar ...and he stood holding his hat and turned his wet face to the wind... Pronunciation: /ʎɑɰoˈiɽ ˈɰoiˌɽaɪ oˈʎiuˌi oŋʈɽoˈi ʈɛ unˈdefiˌned ʎɑɰoˈiɽ iʎɑˈɽo ˈiɰʎɑˌiɛɽ ˈoɰɑˌoʎi ʈɛ unˈdefiˌned ʈɑ ŋʈɛoˈʎɑɽ/ Wokaiya word order: and stood he holding hat his and turned his face wet to the wind
Common Female Names
Olela Tekra Uttra Wehra Yowra
Common Male Names
Iorow Kalti Aytre

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