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Floral Code

Floral Code originated as a thought experiment by a Keyrit scholar, though it was independently invented years earlier by T'kakou nomads with a rock system. The code was tested in the military but, while the enemy couldn't interpret the code, the vibrant colors of the bouquet gave them a very clear signal to intercept. As a result, Floral Code was used by the nobility as an extravagance. Writing mere notes was the commoner's way of expressing intent. Flowers were not only nicer smelling but also much more expensive to maintain and much more intellectually straining to manage. The perfect inefficiency for the upper class to wield. As the practice was adopted more, receivers could tell just from the composition certain common messages, such as "I need to discuss something in secret" or "Please dance with me" or "Meet me in my chambers" but especially "Thank you for the flowers, but I must decline."


Wokaiyan syllables carry a maximum of one of each phonetic sound. The binary presence or absence of a mark in the syllable determines how the syllable is formed. If the marks were rearranged, the binary remains. In fact, anything that can exist and not exist can replace the ink mark of a syllable. Floral Code takes this to extremes, linking a specific type of flower with a specific part of the syllable. A kokerya, for example, is mapped to the "K" consonant.


The presence of a flower in a bundle is mapped to respective part of the syllable. A kokerya, rhododendron, and orchid, for example, represent a syllable with the marks K, R, and O, meaning "kro," meaning "large," such as "large army," or "long distance."


Flowers are bundled by syllable. Marks on each bundle are color-coordinated, and the bundles are read from least to most electromagnetic frequency, unless otherwise previously established. The resultant sentence spells out a message.
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