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Engu T'kra T'kai: Department of Information Getting

Public Agenda

The primary goal of the Harmony Hunters in general is to find an entity of near, or at least practical, omnipotence that could potentially be confused for a deity and eliminate it before it becomes a threat. The primary goal of the Department of Information Gathering, therefore, is to keep close watch over the populace for the emergence of any similar creature. To do this, the DIG collects knowledge from local authorities. Even the local police have privacy and decency restrictions as to how far they can go, limits that the DIG do not heed. As a result, just as the Kel'tekya inform the DIG, so the DIG inform the Kel'tekya where necessary.   Destroying a creature of such immense power would, however, require a vast array of technical and magical expertise, not to mention a sturdy set of people capable of wielding such knowledge. The secondary goal of the Department of Information Gathering, therefore, is to plug up any gaps in the Harmony Hunters' repertoire. This involves attending universities, recruiting intellectual and magical talent, and placing bounties for knowledge. Any useful information is sent to the relevant sister Department within the Harmony Hunters organization.


The DIG has at least one advisor to each willing reigning monarch in Wouraiya, with several escorts to the larger chieftains of the tribes of Retrougo and Yatkaugo. The main body, however, has no national allegiance. The organization buys sparse properties for local bases, usually no larger than an average civilian residence. Like all Departments of the Harmony Hunters, the DIG has a mercantile fleet of ships for logistics, transport, and trade, as the need arises.


The Harmony Hunters' original strategy for obtaining knowledge was simply hiring the best and brightest into their ranks. After a few centuries of this practice, the logical errors began to show. For one, each new recruit was only good for one or two good morsels of knowledge at most before returning to irrelevance. What was more, while the Harmony Hunters had practically infinite coffers, nothing made the coffers feel more finite than hiring half of academia. Better to let the continents flourish and pluck knowledge responsibly than to seize all the spoils and salt what remains. Thus, the Department of Information Gathering was developed as the proper harvester. Recruiting would continue, but not nearly to the extent previous. Through the DIG, all would reap the benefits of knowledge together.

"By looking everywhere, we see enlightenment."

Expedition, Scientific
Parent Organization
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