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Yetka Keyrityi: Keyrit Order's Judiciary


The Yetka has four main areas, though one area can do just as much the jobs of the other three. The ruling establishment doles out punishments for cases too large for individual yet'kigie to handle. They manage imprisonment and occasionally execute what they consider to be beyond salvageable. The analysts run the administrative duties of the Yetka, from checking finances to managing equipment repairs and replacements. While the ruling establishment technically has authority in the Yetka, their say on matters of state pales in comparison to the analysts' dictates. The support force provides food, creates goods and services, and repairs equipment to keep the budget low. The police force is the most public area of the Yetka, and carries out all the roles typically assigned to the yet'kigie.


The Yetka is a military culture, so all members are expected to follow orders from superiors without question. However, unlike the Keyrit Army, the Yetka also expects its soldiers to have some form of enlightenment, through reading, discussion, and games of strategy. The Yetka library includes the full set of Keyrit law, of course, but also books of philosophy and science. Some yet'kigie have even contributed to scientific and technological advancements. yet'kigie live apart from the rest of society but also content with the lives they live.

Public Agenda

Despite being the judiciary, the Yetka's main function is not to perform justice. Rather, its primary goal is to keep people who have violated the law, and who would violate the law in the future, from trespassing on those who have not violated the law. There is no law in Keyrit against cruel and unusual punishment, so the Yetka has become very creative in finding solutions to criminal problems.


The Yetka has never been denied a request for funding from the Daskalarch of Finance, but the Yetka has rarely made a request for funding. The annual budget is reasonable, and voluntary donations come in on a daily basis. Prisoners are given the option to repair yet'kigie tools and farm yet'kigie produce, and a few do so out of boredom, if not in the vain hope that the shovel they acquired to dig trenches can also dig themselves out of prison. Thus, the costs of maintenance are low. Aside from that, the Yetka has equally vast armories and libraries.


The Yetka was based on old Keyrit tradition of the wanderer who fights for righteousness in a foreign land. Many such wanderers peddled for their keep as they roamed the land, doing good deeds as they traveled. Officially, though, the Yetka was established in the first Keyrit Constitution, and existed until the fall of the Keyrit Empire.

"By channeling our best, we support victory."

Government, Law Enforcement
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