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Wo A'aru Weroo Ya: King and Time


The great king looked over his empire and knew that it would fade. "Alas," said he. "That all I have built will wither away, that people will one day not know my people's creation!" He held his scepter aloft. "In this staff I will store the memories of my people."   He approached the Volcano of Irewa. "Oh, Volcano, sir. You have made many memories for my people. Make the same memories for my staff, that the world may remember us together." The volcano rumbled, "When I was young and energetic, I did make many memories for your people. Throw your scepter into my vent. I will store the memories, but the scepter may never leave my cavern for others to see."   He approached the Sea of Irewa. "Oh, Sea, madam. You have carried my people safely across great distances. I beseech you, carry the memories of my people across great times, upon the vessel that is my scepter." The sea stirred, "When I was happy, I provided you with bounty. Toss your staff into my depths. I will store it, but it may carry no memories."   He peered into his staff. "Can you store memories?" The staff sounded with a clang. "I can store your memories, but only so many. When I am full, store me with my brothers. I will be replaced my the memories of your people." The king accepted the staff's terms. He passed it to his daughter, who passed it to her son. The green memories of the people latched themselves to the scepter, until none of the shiny brown remained. The staff was buried as it asked, for its stories to be retold again.

Historical Basis

The Oigar Korer was a real artifact, but it is unlikely that even the Keyrit-Welokyi believed in such superstition. No artifacts or art from the time period in question suggests that any part of the myth was incorporated into common mythology. Rather, as details became forgotten or amended, what seemed to be a cryptic message was, over the centuries, incorporated an a non-theistic legend.
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