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Fyoré is one of the three continents found beneath The Line in the Clouds/The Cloud Barrier during the entirety of the Second Era, and has had a long history of bloody conflict and natural disaster. From imperialist conflicts, to noble infighting, to warring with the native wildlife, and even an asteroid impact, Fyoré has seen more than its fair share of bloodshed.   [This is the primary setting of of the Broken Dawn campaign that I ran with my group of friends, and one of the inspirations for starting on World Anvil!]


Fyoré is primarily mountainous with strips of land along the sides of said mountains, consisting mostly of flat or hilly plains, some forests, and a small amount of desert towards its southeastern tip. As of the beginning of the Second Era and before the Second Calamity, Fyoré also possessed the tallest mountain on Alore, the Skycrown. Fyoré is surrounded by ocean on almost all sides, though the desert isle of Al-Shirivine lies to to its southeast across the narrow Shirivine Strait.

Fauna & Flora

Numerous creature types make their home on the continent, thought the more dangerous often receive more attention than the equally important, passive creatures. Such examples are Vori-Gai, Needlehide Graspers, numerous relatively hostile humanoid species, and even several dragons, though it seems that only one of each type exists on the continent at a single point.

Natural Resources

All manner of ores are extracted from the depths beneath and within the mountains, from basic ores to more advanced materials like Veluvium or the components of Titanoshulate. The forests across the continent also provide large amounts of timber to the people of the land, the more than ample coastlines offer extensive fishing and trading endeavors, and the flat areas in between provide lands for farming.
Alternative Name(s)
"Isle of the Damned"
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An older sketch of Fyoré during a session of Broken Dawn.


Author's Notes

This originally was not part of Alore - as the campaign setting came before the world itself - though considering the similarities between the two, I figured I would merge them together to make the world a bit more in depth. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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