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Marue is the third of Alore's moons, and is the smallest of all seven. It is the only moon of the seven to possess a near polar orbit, and due to its relative speed it can be seen multiple times on both the night and day side of the planet. Due to its small size - especially when compared to the other of Alore's moons - its status as an actual moon has been called into question in times as far back as its initial discovery towards the middle of the Alorean Second Era, with some astronomers claiming it should instead be labeled as a large asteroid rather than a moon.


The surface of Marue is irregular in form, with visible high and low points on its surface which either jut out or sink in to create a twisted bean-like shape. It's red coloration is also of particular note, suggesting a different material composition when compared to the other seven.
Planetoid / Moon
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Additional Statistics

  • Marue is a orange-reddish in coloration, ranging from very light on its highs to very dark on its lows.
  • Marue is approximately one one-hundred-sixtieth the mass of Alore.
  • Marue completes one full rotation for every four rotations Alore makes, and completes one full revolution every four hours.
  • Due to its irregular shape, Marue possesses no observable moon cycles.


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