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Partiver is the fifth of Alore's moons, and the only moon to not directly orbit the planet. The moon itself revolves around Alore's fourth moon, Bartigen, which by proxy orbits Alore, thus leading to it becoming Alore's fifth moon. Aside from Marue - and the contention of its own moon-status being called into question - Partiver is the smallest of Alore's moons.


Partiver's surface is entirely molten, consisting of magma flows and erratic protrusions that form and crumble near daily. This has caused many waves of speculation in the fields of geology and astronomy, particularly surrounding the formation of the moon. The primary theories surrounding this topic are either the moon was formed when a large asteroid impacted Bartigen, causing material to be ejected into the moon's orbit and coalesce into Partiver some time during the Dark Age, or that something caused a larger than current Bartigen to spin so fast that it ejected material on its own, which then formed into Partiver. However, due to Bartigen's thick atmosphere, neither of these theories can be entirely confirmed.
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Additional Statistics

  • Partiver is a mixture of black and in coloration, with streams and pools of red-orange marking its surface periodically.
  • Partiver is approximately one-eighty-sixth the mass of Alore.
  • Partiver completes one full rotation for every nine rotations Alore makes, and completes one full revolution every two-and-a-half days.
  • Partiver completes one full phase cycle every five days.


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