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Bartigen is the fourth of Alore's moons, and second largest of the seven, just behind Caerova. It is also the only one of Alore's moons to both possess an atmosphere and have another moon-sized body orbiting it, that being Partiver.


The geography of Bartigen is next to impossible to determine in specifics due to its thick, yellowish, greenhouse-like atmosphere. However, far-reaching clairvoyance magics from casters of the Clairum school seem to have determined the surface to be rough, mountainous, and blanketed in a perpetual acidic fog. While these findings have been generally accepted by the majority of the world, astronomers of Tyrralore are reluctant to admit such findings until their devices allow them to determine the facts for themselves.
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Additional Statistics

  • Bartigen is entirely shrouded in is yellowish-brown atmosphere.
  • Bartigen is approximately one-twelfth the mass of Alore.
  • Bartigen appears to complete one full rotation for every three rotations Alore makes, though due to speculation around the formation of Partiver the surface beneath the atmosphere may be moving even faster, though this currently cannot be entirely confirmed. Bartigen completes one full revolution two weeks.
  • Bartigen completes one full phase cycle every six weeks.

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