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Caerova is the sixth of Alore's moons, and is the largest of all seven orbiting bodies. The moon itself is known for two things, being its large, planet-like size, and its role in the Night of the Hollow Eye, where once every year the moon eclipses Alore's sun with the Hollow Eye constellation behind it in a straight line pointing at the planet, causing a number of strange phenomena.


The surface of Caerova is a near perfectly pearlescent white, with wide, sweeping stone plains, and tall mountain ranges. Surprisingly, the surface is almost entirely unmarked by impact craters. This has been speculated to be because of the relatively fast speed at which the moon orbits Alore, which - alongside its strong gravity - seems to slingshot asteroids out of Alore's gravity well before they can hit anything in the system.
Planetoid / Moon

Additional Statistics

  • Caerova is a bright, pearlescent white in coloration, making it clearly visible throughout day or night.
  • Caerova is approximately one-third the mass of Alore.
  • Caerova completes one full rotation for every two rotations Alore makes, and completes one full revolution every month.
  • Caerova completes one full phase cycle every four months.


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