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Night of the Hollow Eye

(Legacy Content)
"For when night's terror rains on day, the dead and damned shall no longer lay. To those that seek to bear the brunt this night, open graves give thoust much of fright."
— Unknown, Excerpt from the poem of the Hollow Eye
  Each year on The Planet of Alore, on the thirtieth day of Gjalvazel, the world bears witness to a frightening aberration of the terror that comes from beyond the stars. At precisely midnight of the prior day, a constellation of stars called the "Hollow Eye" - named as such for its ring-like appearance - will encircle the star which Alore orbits. Simultaneously, Alore's sixth and largest moon, Caerova, will completely eclipse the star. The resulting effects of light from the constellation, star, and the bending thereof by Caerova's gravity well cast the entire planet into perpetual twilight for twenty-four hours. Additionally, this resulting effect wreaks havoc on the unstable nature of demonic magics present within the planet, causing what are collectively known as "Hollow Damned" to arise from the ground in many variations, be they spectral, reanimated corpses, collections of possessed sand or ash, collections of bones or cartilage, or some strange amalgamate thereof.


The Night of the Hollow Eye will always begin with the stellar phenomena, resulting in a blackened sky, perpetual twilight across the entire planet, and a solar eclipse. The name "Hollow Eye" refers to both the constellation responsible for this phenomena, along with the bending of light around both the orbiting star and Caerova, which generally results in the eclipsed star appearing as an orange eye in the blackened night.

Global Reaction

Each nation across Alore has its own methods of dealing with this phenomena, particularly with regards to the Hollow Damned - sometimes called the living dead.

Example: Tyrralore

The bastion cities of Tyrralore are rarely truly affected by the Hollow Damned, mainly because such creatures only spawn in the deserts outside. However, if enough of the Damned spawn from the sands immediately outside the walls, and become attracted to the city, military action is implemented to repel the creatures for the duration of the event.

Example: Ysrailore

Powerful mages in the larger cities of Ysrailore are capable of projecting large Fortum barriers, which can fully enclose the entire city. In the case of smaller villages, the inhabitants will usually receive funded leave by the Ysrailorean magocracy to vacate the areas and take shelter in one of the larger cities for the duration of the event. Residents that do such will typically find their homes and belongings intact.



Author's Notes

This is my entry for prompt number one of Inktober 2019. I'd like to think it fits the themes of Halloween quite nicely, since it technically is the Alorean Halloween.

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