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The Line in the Clouds/The Cloud Barrier

(Legacy Content)
The Line in the Clouds refers to a semi spherical barrier seemingly constructed from some cloud-like material that prevents anything outside from entering through any means. Teleportation fails outright, powerful beings fail to push through, even nature itself cannot pass through. Those within this simply know it as the Cloud Barrier due to the way it manifests to them. These walls encompass three continents, being Fyoré, Vistelle, and Halivanyr, along with all their people and ecosystems, and extending in approximately ten nautical miles away from each of the trapped landmasses.   It is worth noting that while outsiders have no means of entering, anything that attempts to pass through from the inside can do so without fail, though they will then be trapped outside.


To people on either side of the phenomena, the barrier itself only appears visually when the observer is within a mile of any point along the barrier. This applies regardless of how the observer is viewing the walls. Those outside the walls have the added effect of a visible line through the clouds above appearing as they pass near the barrier, bending to its forces. This leads to its namesake for those outside.


The Line in the Clouds - or the Cloud Barrier - only exists on one side of the planet, the epicenter presumed to be directly opposite to the Breach on Sancturalore.
Metaphysical, Supernatural

Additional historical Details

This phenomena appeared mysteriously at the end of the Second Reclamation. It is rumored by the general public that the barrier was created by Order to seal the the Natural Tyrants away in a place where no one powerful enough to unseal them could reach. However, after the events of the Second Calamity, and the beginning of the Third era, Order saw fit to dispel the barrier and allow the world within to connect with our own.


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