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Shoal of the Frostborne

(Legacy Content)
The Shoal of the Frostborne refers to a hypothetical, yet entirely possible location in the Frostborne sea north of Saeralore where the Frostborne pirates keep all of their captured bounty. It is unknown whether this is actually true or not - it is more likely that the bounty is spread out over several locations. Nevertheless, given the fact that such a place is definitely heavily guarded, all manner of caution must be exercised when venturing to or from Alore's north pole, lest you as well be swallowed by these pirates eternal greed.


It is said that deep within the misty waters of the Frostborne sea, the pirates that take its name hide their plunder deep within a complex crypt that they fill with all manner of nasty things to keep outsiders away. Traps no adventurer can escape, locks no thief can pick, monsters no warrior can slay, and runes no mage can decipher. But beneath all of that lies one of the greatest treasures of all time, a sea of gold and silver, equipment of magic and technology alike, masterpieces from artisans of a bygone age, historical remnants of destroyed kingdoms, tomes of vast knowledge, powerful artifacts, and anything else one could imagine locked deep within their catacombs.
— Synopsis of collected rumors surrounding the Frostborne Shoal.

Historical Basis

While there exists no evidence as to the location of this immense treasure, and even less to suggest that this "crypt" actually exists, the Frostborne pirates have been in operation for quite some time, and have become masters of manipulating the Frostborne sea. Thusly, it would be plausible to suggest that they do have some location where their treasure is being kept. However, given the mysterious nature of these pirates, it's possible that millenia's worth of plunder might not even exist in the same state that it was taken. However, all of these claims - be they positive or negative - are mostly unfounded.


This tale is mostly known around the northern coastline of Saeralore, given its proximity to the Frostborne sea, though with the advent of Tyrranet, it is possible that rumors of this mythical treasure have reached worldwide status.

Variations & Mutation

Given the mysterious nature of the treasure and its captors, many curious mutations have occurred in various tellings. For instance, one variation suggests that the Frostborne pirates are not actual pirates, but rather demons of greed. Another suggests that there are no actual pirates, and instead is just loss of cargo due to strange, mystical interference near the poles.
Date of First Recording
Haversday, Intrazel 17, 3217 ASE
Date of Setting
Unknown, presumably centuries before the date of recording
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Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt: "Treasure." Spooky pirates - a wonderful halloween addition! I took a bit of inspiration from Skyrim and DnD for this one, but I think it turned out pretty well.

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