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Arboreos is a rather uncommon species of tree native to many of Alore's forests known for its fantastic material properties when compared especially to steel. Primarily, it is abundantly farmed for Arborea - otherwise known as steel-wood - in forests that contain societies of Arbo-kin, as nearly all of their structures, weapons, equipment, and "industry" are composed primarily of it. It should also be mentioned that their farming of these trees are done at a very small level to ensure that the local ecosystem their culture is built around does not suffer with its loss, which typically means that the material stays within the boughs of their forests.

Basic Information


Arboreos are typically very similar to ironwood trees in that they are primarily known for their durability when compared to other types of wood. The trees themselves are typically brownish-black in coloration, with bark patterns reminiscent majorly of oak and somewhat of birch. The branches and leaves are widespread and densely packed, giving it an appearance similar to very large broccoli. The roots of the tree can extend downwards to a length equal to a forth of its total height, though they primarily spread outwards as much as possible, which typically ends up creating a clearing around the tree. Strangely, they can grow to be nearly twice the height of the surrounding tree species. This aids in identifying the trees, as well as providing additional resources once timbered.  

Seasonal Cycle

The Arboreos, much like other forms of wide-leafed trees, sheds those leaves when the autumn season comes in the months of Voruzel and Gjalvazel.

Growth Rate & Stages

Typically, once the acorn settles in a suitable location, it will take about a week to both root itself and sprout. Once this is accomplished, the sapling's growth will gradually slow as the tree begins to form. Usually, the tree reaches maturity at around one century or so, but it will continue to grow until it reaches its maximum height limit in another few centuries. This process can be sped up through nature-based magics, which have been perfected by the Arbo-kin druids who farm them, reducing the time required to grow the tree by an astonishing tenfold.


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