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The Misted-Hollow

(Legacy Content)
The Misted-Hollow is a swampy marshland located in central Gjalvalore which gains its name from the perpetual fog clouds that hang like a mist throughout the entire locale. The place is infamous all throughout the southern continent thanks to it harboring several dangerous plant and animal species, including Vori-Shaer, Hemalilia, Durand-Mounds, and many other hostile specimens.


The Misted-Hollow is comprised of a large area of wetlands that covers about a tenth of mainland Gjalvalore, complete with several intercoursing rivers flowing from and through the area. The marsh itself is set over hilly terrain, with some cliffs piercing above the canopies and mists. It is surrounded by plains to its east, north, and south, and bordered by the Red-Wire Crags to its west.

Fauna & Flora

The Misted-Hollow contains numerous species of hostile wildlife in both flora and fauna. Some examples include the highly dangerous Vori-Shaer and Durand-Mounds, alongside several instances of Hemalilia left over from the initial outbreak.

Natural Resources

The Hollow does not provide Gjalvalore with any form of natural resources due to the danger of the inhabitants. Multiple private and governmental agencies have attempted to harvest the Hollow on separate occasions, but the inhabitants and sentient plant species within heavily reject foreign influences, resulting in abandonment of the Hollow for economic gain.


The Misted-Hollow seems to have only come into existence during the First Calamity, as it existed all throughout the Alorean Second Era but had no historical record from the First Era. This has lead to many speculations about the circumstances surrounding environment, including everything from demonic influence and dark cults to government cover ups or covert ops, but no identifiable conclusive mystical or governmental influence.
The place is cursed I tell ya! It's filled with all manner of terrible beasts that'll swallow ya whole! I've seen one-of-em before, right on the edge of the mists, like this weird hooded figure just... watching. Don't go in there, or ya won't come back out!
— Rumors from nearby settlements
Alternative Name(s)
Curse-wood, Mist-wood
Wetland / Swamp
Inhabiting Species


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