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Red-Wire Crags

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The Red-Wire Crags refers to a large stretch of mountainous land in western Gjalvalore, under which lies the Red-Wire supervolcano. The location gets its name from the red colored fissures that span across the area, which occasionally leak molten rock onto the surface. Geologists have long since argued as to the real danger of this phenomena, since some of the pressure is being vented constantly and consistently. However, this does not stop rumors from circulating about its destructive potential, ranging from capable of reducing the nearby cities and towns to ashen ruins to potentially world ending, though evidence collected on the area would suggest the latter rather than the former.


The general topography of the Red-Wire Crags is composed of rough, jagged rock formations spaced around the ground fissures, oftentimes leading to these fissures repeatedly covering and exposing themselves during their periodic activities. The crags are bordered by the Tygon Strait to the west, the Centuran Ocean to the north, Cagrosan Sea to the south, and the Misted-Hollow to the east.

Fauna & Flora

All manner of mountain-dwelling creatures make their residence here, from mountain goats, to the exotic Vori-Yon, and even one of the stalwart strongholds of of the Dellvo-kin, Yonvosen. Curiously, there had been a strange outbreak of Hemalilia in the mid Second Era, the cause of which seeming to have been some manner of flying creature infected with Blood Fever travelling to the crags and dying, resulting in an invasive outbreak, although it did not last longer than a decade at most.

Natural Resources

Most natural resources in this area are the result of the brave souls residing within Yonvosen, producing a vast quantity of the world's gemstones and standard ores. It is also believed that the largest "known" supply of Titanoshulate base materials is located beneath the crags, though this has yet to of been confirmed. What is known is that Yonvosen is one of the largest exporters of Titanoshulate in the world, though even that is not saying much since the material is so rare that pounds of it are the only amount that has ever been exported at once.
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