Alore The White Year

The White Year

Geological / environmental event

15/1 12:00
3/3 3:00

The worst meteorological event Saeralore has ever experienced in modern history, sparking an international humanitarian effort.

The White Year describes a period in Saeralorean history where the snow of the previous winter refused to melt, winter conditions never ended, and frozen precipitation continued to fall year round. After the first few months of continual snowfall, panic began to spark in the Saeralorean populus. However, thanks to a concentrated effort from other nations, and intervention from Order themselves, the population was able to survive the the year with only few losses, alongside an effort to preserve the more fragile species that would not be able to withstand an entire extra year of hibernation. Approximately one year after the beginning of the crisis the snow finally began to slow and stop, allowing mages and technologists alike to melt the frozen lands, and return life to normal.

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