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The White Year

(Legacy Content)
The White Year is a massive, continent spanning geological disaster that occured over all of Saeralore in the year 5696 of the Alorean Second Era. The event was seemingly caused by a temporary - though year long - blockage of sunlight to the northern hemisphere of Alore by a still unknown celestial body. This blockage caused a massive shift in the continent's climate for more than the entire year, resulting in massive snowfall of at maximum one-hundred feet deep. This rapid change of climate was even enough to garner the attention of Order themselves, who sought about organizing a world-wide humanitarian effort to provide aid for the people of Saeralore in the form of foodstuffs, survival supplies, and even volunteers from around the magical and technological world who helped in both survival and wildlife preservation efforts. Eventually, just as suddenly as it began, the interposing body seemingly disappeared, allowing the natural climates and biomes of Saeralore to be restored to how they were before the event. Even to this day, the event has perplexed astrologists, meteorologists, and mystic scholars alike, as none can provide proper reasoning as to why an object of sufficient size could block the sunlight for that long without deviation, or how it was able to hold itself in a proper orbit to cause this for so long.


The White Year manifested itself as a continuous, year-long snow and icefall over the continent of Saeralore. Other than the potentially supernatural properties of the interposing body that had caused this, there is no evidence of the winter conditions possessing mystical components of any nature or regard.


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