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Voru-Fane, Frost Dragons

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The Voru-Fane, otherwise referred to as Frost Dragons, are large, intelligent, draconic beings capable of controlling aspects of frost, ice, or general cold. At older ages, these beasts can generate vast snowstorms and blizzards and can reduce the heat of their surroundings drastically, freezing entire bodies of water nearby. Their ability to control ice goes even further than this however, as these beasts are capable of creating objects entirely out of ice, typically by projecting their breath towards the ground and shaping it from there. This allows them to create and wield massive Iceform weapons to devastate their enemies with.

Basic Information


Voru-Fane are draconic in nature, possessing four limbs - two front legs, two back - a set of wings, a serpentine tail, and a head placed atop a long neck. All dragons possess a system of internal organs similar to that of lizards, only sized up and amplified for their large bulk, along with glands inside their necks for producing their varied breath weapons. In the case of Voru-Fane, large amounts of water vapor concentrate naturally in these glands and crystalize beyond what can be found naturally in the world. These crystals are then expelled during a breath attack, binding to and rapidly sapping the heat from anything they touch, thus resulting in a truly frigid attack. This can also be used to create Iceform weapons by piling up layers of this frost on top of one another.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragons are sexual creatures and thus require both a male and a female to reproduce. However, given the near immortal lifespan of dragons, their rate of reproduction is immensely slow. Additionally, due to their inherent magical nature, dragons are capable of mating with members of any sapient species, provided they are in a humanoid form. Upon fertilization, a gestation period of approximately four years will follow, after which the female will lay up to three eggs at a time, though most commonly only one. From there, the eggs will continue gestation for another thirty to fifty years, after which the eggs will hatch.

Growth Rate & Stages

A hatchling dragon will typically stay by its parents for protection until approximately thirty years have passed and the hatchling becomes an adolescent. From there, the young will usually venture out into the world as curious, explorative, and sometimes violent predators. Should a dragon become wise enough to not attempt to take on established societies, it will typically continue to age - as dragons are seen as near the top of the food chain - until it reaches Great Wyrm status at around two to three-thousand years. Once the individual reaches adulthood - if it has not been slain by those it has destroyed lives of - it will typically be wise enough to live far in seclusion from civilization, it will typically isolate itself far from civilization so it would not come into conflict with society. This is not always the case, however, as some dragons seek to live among people in their humanoid form.

Ecology and Habitats

Voru-Fane almost always prefer locals and environs that are typically 32o F (0o C), given their propensity for ice and snow. This is not always the case, as some Voru-Fane might live in more temperate environments, or even in large cities or towns.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dragons in general will typically require large amounts of calories based on their age and size, though typically this amount is equal to about a third of their weight on a daily basis, and an equal supplement of water (or equivalent liquid based on the dragon's type).

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

All dragons are different in this regard. In the case of the Voru-Fane, their heads appear as though they were wearing the head of an imperial dragon as a mask, though this is in fact their actual head. They usually possess flat teeth as opposed to fangs, long whiskers protruding from the front on the sides, and typically only two backswept horns protruding from the back of their heads.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Voru-Fane are typically found most prominently near the planet's north and south poles, or in environments that are colder than usual. They can be most prominently found in Saeralore, though they can also be found on various northern islands, as well as northern Ysrailore , and the southernmost part of Gjalvalore.

Average Intelligence

Dragons are very intelligent, oftentimes much more so than most other mortal races. This seems mostly due to their longevity more than anything, as their long lifespans usually result in them accruing knowledge through personal experience rather than being taught by others, though that can sometimes also be the case.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All dragons have exceptionally fantastic senses, and the Voru-Fane are no different. All dragons possess these abilities in some form: enhanced senses of smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste, an ability to sense objects around them - much like an immensely improved version of an Alorean's "danger-sense" - as well as an additional sense depending on the type of dragon. Voru-Fane, in that regard, possess the ability to see through snow and ice as though they were vaguely translucent.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

All dragons tend to speak and write both Alorean and Draconic, though individual dragons may seek to learn many more.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Dragons typically possess a sense of arrogance towards other sentient beings, considering themselves to be on the top of the world's food chain. Thusly, this exact sense of arrogance is what usually leads to some dragons assaulting cities and towns, and namely the main cause of their demise. As with all things, this is not always the case, as some dragons may wish to help other species rather than destroy them.
Scientific Name
Voru (Dragon)
Dragons are very long-lived, to an average of 2,000 years (given how some dragons will fight against civilization). However, dragons will typically have a maximum lifespan of around 5,000 years.
Average Height
Dragons can range from 3' (1m) tall as a hatchling all the way up to 40' (12m) as a great wyrm.
Average Weight
Dragons can range from 50 lbs (22 kg) as a hatchling all the way up to 20 tons (20,320 kg) as a great wyrm.
Average Length
Dragons can range from 5' (1.5m) long as a hatchling all the way up to 60' (18m) as a great wyrm.
Average Physique
Dragons are just as physically capable as they are mentally capable, though this entirely depends on the age of the individual in question. As such, this category can range from average Alorean strength as a hatchling or wyrmling, to being able to carve through solid earth with shear strength alone as a great wyrm.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
All dragons are different in this regard. In the case of the Vour-Fane, their bodies are covered in snow-white scales, which are in turn usually covered by a layer of malleable ice for added protection.


Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt "Dragon" for obvious reasons. Yet another thing I needed to do and found Intober to be the perfect excuse!

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