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Stellar Viscera

Blood of the Stars

(Legacy Content)
For the blood of the Mother most Holy shall rain upon the unworthy, and cleanse them of the sin of humanity!
— Portion of the Requiem of the Blood Mother
The term Stellar Viscera refers to a strange, crimson, gel-like substance that erupts from Lunaous during a Blood Moon event. It will then occasionally split off and be thrown out into open space, though sometimes these splotches will fall to Alore. When this occurs, the nearest major government installation - under direct commandment by Order - will claim the chunks both for study and containment.     Under no circumstances is the organization identified as the Balraious Conclave to come into the possession of any amount of Stellar Viscera, as their ritualistic conduct with the material is determined to be highly dangerous and potentially calamity-causing.


Material Characteristics

Stellar Viscera appears as a deep red gel with occasional deeper red splotches, resembling collections of platelets in actual blood. When touched, its surface behaves similarly to a watery gelatin, being easy to break the surface though it reforms just as quickly once the offending object is removed.   The material itself possesses a strange mix of properties, namely being unable to absorb or be diluted in water, and being resistant to acidic and atmospheric corrosion as well as excessively high and low temperatures, thus being apparently impossible to melt or freeze.   Though most concerning about this material is its effects of those afflicted with any form of Demora. When tested in closed chambers, Doeveiga volunteers could reportedly sense the presence of the substance to a range of up to thirty feet (9 m), even through foot thick concrete walls. While these tests were being conducted, the volunteers reported to be drawn to touch the substance, though none were actually allowed to do so. During testing on various captured demons specimens, it was discovered that upon contact with the material, a demon will immediately begin consuming all of the substance available, and will start to exhibit properties and behaviors consistent with variants under the effects of the Blood Moon event, which are further detailed under the event's own documentation.

Origin & Source

Currently, the only method of acquiring any amounts of Stellar Viscera is to collect it after it ejects itself from Lunaous during a Blood Moon. However, if the Requiem of the Blood Mother is to be believed as factual in any regard, then the material can be created by the associated entity. Given that fact, it is imperative that all nations across the world work to remove this material from public view at all costs to prevent the The Conclave of Balraious-Kaneig from using it in their rituals.

History & Usage


And thus, beneath the tide of new life, those who once opposed the Holy Mother shall be made to feed her brood!
— Portion of the Requiem of the Blood Mother
Stellar Viscera has been at the forefront of national concerns ever since the beginning of the First Era due to its ability to empower and embolden demons of all types. However, it was only since the beginning of the Second Era that the real threat this substance provides has made clear thanks to the endeavors of the Conclave of Balraious-Kaneig . It has been made abundantly clear to Order that should this cult obtain a sizable amount of their idolized material that they could potentially create this entity known as The Blood Mother, which would present a very real end-of-the-world scenario. Thus, Order - in a historic decision against the typically no-involvement nature of their organization - they made a very direct order to all nations to confiscate all samples of the substance and make efforts to track down and recover all future instances for containment. This has thusly resulted in a vast amounts of attempts across the world by the Balraious Conclave to breach this containment and recover their lost idols, some of which seeing temporary success and all of which resulting in fierce combat and numerous casualties.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Stellar Viscera appears to be highly valued by the Balraious Conclave , as they appear to believe it could bring them closer to enacting the Requiem of the Blood Mother through some manner of ritual not fully understood by the larger world. This conclusion was reached mere days after the world's governmental powers began seizing the substance en mass, resulting in the conclave providing fierce conflicts to retrieve it.   Under no circumstances is the organization identified as the Conclave of Balraious-Kaneig to come into the possession of any amount of Stellar Viscera, as their ritualistic conduct with the material is determined to be highly dangerous and potentially calamity-causing.  

Laws and Regulations

As per Order's decree, all instances of Stellar Viscera are to be confiscated and contained far away from public view, and are under no circumstances to be allowed to fall into the possession of the organization known as the Balraious Conclave .
Stellar Viscera smells exactly like hemoglobin based blood.
Presumably, the Viscera would taste of blood or iron, though this hypothesis has not been accurately tested due to health concerns.
Blood Red
Boiling / Condensation Point
None Recorded
Melting / Freezing Point
None Recorded
Common State
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Additional Details

For more information on the potentially world-ending properties of this material, view these associated documents: Requiem of the Blood Mother | The Blood Mother | The Conclave of Balraious-Kaneig


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