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The Conclave of Balraious-Kaneig

(Legacy Content)
By direct commandment of Order, the organizational entity known as the Conclave of Balraious-Kaneig, or Balraious Conclave, or whatever other alias they may acquire, will henceforth be deemed as enemies of world stability, and will be eradicated at every turn by the full might of Order and all of its branches. All allies of Sancturalore and of Order are encouraged to do the same in the effort to preserve our world.
Marijus Le'Quinn, Grand Vizier of Order during a speech to the people of Sanctuary
The Conclave of Balraious-Kaneig - or often spoken as simply the Balraious Conclave - is a globe-spanning cultish organization that has dedicated itself, its members, and its resources to enacting the will of Balraious-Kaneig. Due to this, numerous counter-organizations have sprung up around the world to put down their efforts of ending the world. This also includes direct opposition by Order and its multiple branches of The Aetherion, The Etherion, and even the Hell Hunters. Though in utter spite of the threat of destruction, the Conclave has shown no fear of repercussions for their actions, appearing as their cause is far more important that even the lives of their members.


The Conclave appears to operate in a top-down, hierarchical structure starting from the singular Archdeacon that interprets the will of Balraious-Kaneig, then continues through with Deacons, High-Priests, Priests, Bishops, Acolytes, and finally Followers. All of these roles - except debatably Followers - serve the will of Kaneig as dictated by the Archdeacon.


The Conclave has been clearly shown to subtly indoctrinate its members from mere Followers to Acolytes over long periods of time. This results in the destruction of all previous world views from its members regardless of where they originate from. The replacement views are then installed, which works prevent rebellion against the order and to establish a negative world view in which demon-kind are seen to be the ultimate saviors of all things, and that Alorean society is a plague that must be ultimately culled.

Public Agenda

While the Conclave has not publicly announced their intentions to bring about the end of the world, their objectives have been made clear through their warnings of interfering with their operations - warnings that were even issued to the divines themselves!   As made clear in these warnings, their goal is ultimately to bring about the demonic calamity through any means necessary. Currently, their only known and direct method of doing so is enacting the Requiem of the Blood Mother, which is believed to have ties to the beginnings of the Dark Age, the corruption that causes the Blood Moon, and the theory of demonic creation. This has thusly resulted in Order's direction to prevent any attempt of the Requiem from being performed, as well as their order to contain all instances of Stellar Viscera.


It is currently unknown as to how vast the Conclave's resources are, nor as to how they acquire them or from who. Numerous theories are speculated as a result, anything from secret pacts between corporatised entities, to agreements between the Archdeacon and multiple Demon Lords, to even as ridiculous as Order themselves providing funds under the ploy of acting heroic.   Note: Order has had no involvement nor cooperation with, nor plans to have such with the Conclave to date, as their goals are antithetical to Order's core principles.


The Balraious Conclave came into existence after the fall of House Ulyssant in the mid-Second Era, dedicating itself to continuing the family's goals - that of bringing about a demonic calamity. From then, the Conclave gradually and slowly expanded to possess influence, followers, and resources all across the world. This, of course, also means that it was inevitably going to attract the attention of Order thanks to its antithetical agenda. Ever since its garnering of such attention, the Conclave has been in cold-war-esc conflict with Order, with little to no regard of the consequences of their actions.


Founding Date
While no accurate date of founding can be identified, the Conclave seems to have formed in response to the dissolution of House Ulyssant in Saeralore, then spread across the world.
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
The Balraious Conclave


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