Alore The Second Calamity

The Second Calamity

Disaster / Destruction

12/3 12:00
5/1 3:00

The fall of a tyrant leaves a vacuum of power other demon lords are eager to fill, leading their armies to attempt to retake the surface.

The fall of the Colossus of Alore brings with it many implications, namely the extreme relative safety for the citizens of Saeralore who no longer have to worry for a seemingly all-powerful being cutting swaths across their cities. But its death also brought a power vacuum that many demon lords had long been vying for, and who do not hesitate to act upon. It takes a few decades, but these demon lords rally their armies, construct massive entities from sheer chaos, and begin to push aggressively into the realm of the Aloreans. And while not as potent as the original calamity headed by Balraious-Kaneig, this calamity still claims the lives of many billions of people, most of which who refused to prepare for such an occasion.

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