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Kero-Bazir, Dune Worms

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The Kero-Bazir, also commonly referred to as Dune Worms, are massive, earth-tunneling worms that mainly inhabit The Sansurath of The Tyrralorean Landmass. These creatures are capable of swallowing entire vehicle convoys in their enormous maws just as much as they are to near vaporize them with powerful, bioelectric streams. As such, it is important to be cautious when riding in a wheeled or tracked vehicle without a full on military escort. Supposed remnants of an age of titans long since passed, the Kero-Bazir, while numerous enough as of now to offset their deaths, are a dying species.

Basic Information


The body of a Kero-Bazir resembles a long, cylindrical, rounded-end tube with the front end being able to separate into a three-jawed mouth, and each jaw being lined with rows upon rows of flat or jagged teeth. From the mouth, its innards consist of a series of stomachs and intestine necessary to nurture its bulk, ending in a single hole through which waste is deposited, usually underground. There also exists a series of retractable and separately movable horns located on its head and body that assist in the capture and slaughter of prey too large to be engulfed by its more than sizable maw. Three eyes set on either of the jaws are used to assist it in hunting while above ground, though its innate sense of vibrations while underground can bring in near its prey. Additionally, it possesses glands that can produce vast amounts of bioelectricity which it can project in a field around itself or through channels in its mouth to produce a terrifying beam of energy that can vaporize unprotected vehicles or personnel.

Genetics and Reproduction

Kero-Bazir are both sexual and asexual creatures and are capable of replicating themselves. When a Kero-Bazir has grown to a length twice their original size, they become immobile and split in two at the middle before becoming active again, although, due to the massive amount of food they require, Kero-Bazir will often attack, kill, and consume each other to survive, which often occurs since both Kero-Bazir become active at almost the same time in this case.   In the case that a Kero-Bazir male comes across a batch of previously laid, unfertilized eggs that have yet to begin decomposing, the male will excrete a viscous ooze onto them to fertilize them, after which it will leave. If the eggs are left undisturbed, they then hatch approximately sixteen months thereafter with the first to hatch quickly devoring the other eggs or other hatchlings.

Growth Rate & Stages

A typical Kero-Bazir grows very slowly and from a hatchling state can take anywhere from five to up to ten-thousand years to fully mature. Most of this time is spent underground, feasting on large burrowing insects or underground life and occasionally a trip to the surface. After this period, it usually attempts to go after trade routes due to the density of traffic there. This will either result in the death of the creature or provide too little gain to sustain itself, resulting in a far slower death by starvation.

Ecology and Habitats

Kero-Bazir are most commonly found in The Tyrralorean Landmass, though have recently been discovered attempting to make their way either through or under the waves to other landmasses, though are equally quelled through the indigenous life of those areas, or through efforts of local communities or governments. As for its original habitat, they are no better since they are most often culled to prevent loss of life.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Kero-Bazir require exorbitant amounts of material to sustain themselves, be it through hunting and killing animals or devouring plant life. A typical matured Kero-Bazir will require upwards of 500 pounds of material to sustain itself, though due to the desert environment this often cannot be achieved. In fact, it is speculated that these creatures are single-handedly responsible for keeping Tyrralore majorily desert, as the people of Tyrralore have recently discovered new oases and fertile grounds being devoured, resulting in further desertification. As such, the governments of Tyrralore have begun to consider the extinction of the species as a necessity for continued survival, though this has not been passed as of yet.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Kero-Bazir are most commonly found in the The Sansurath all across The Tyrralorean Landmass.

Average Intelligence

Kero-Bazir appear unintelligent.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Kero-Bazir possess an innate ability to sense vibrations in the ground around it out to a radius of nearly twenty miles. From there, it possesses vastly improved eyesight when compared to Aloreans which it uses to finish its hunt after locating prey with its tremorsense.
Scientific Name
Dune Worm
5,000-7,500 years with an approximate maximum of 10,000, though this maximum is almost never reached.
Average Height
30' (9m)
Average Weight
600 tons (609,628kg)
Average Length
100' (30m)
Average Physique
Kero-Bazir are essentially a giant muscle sleeve surrounding internal organs, making them exceptionally physically capable.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The bodies of a Kero-Bazir are tinted an earthy brown or tan, usually matching the coloration of their surroundings.


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