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The Time-worn Obelisk

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The Time-worn Obelisk is a massive stone structure constructed early in the Alorean First Era as the pride of the Tyrralorean people's accomplishments in building a successful city in the heartlands of The Sansurath. The monument was built in the center of the ancient city known as Tyr, though it alone remains standing above the sands that swallowed the rest of the once capital city. Despite the harsh desert conditions and centuries worth of weathering, the obelisk still stands as a testament to the skill of those who built it. Some people still even make trips and pilgrimages to it to pay respects to those that died in the First Calamity.

Purpose / Function

The Obelisk's originally intended purpose was to act as a monument to its builders - a timeless testament to their building prowess. Nowadays, however, it serves to mark one of the biggest graves in the world, a warning of how weak we truly are.


The Obelisk itself was constructed in the year 67 of the Alorean First Era. From there, the ancient capital of Tyr was built around it, extending out into the vast dunes and hills of The Sansurath. It stood above the heights of even the largest skyscrapers in the city. However, when the First Calamity hit the world, the city was almost entirely leveled by the demon hordes, though the monument was at first left alone. When Aloreans returned to the surface after the Second Reclamation, they found their city destroyed and their monument defiled and sunken into the ground - only the top hundred or so feet remained standing. The people did what they could to restore the monument, but the damage has already been done. The people abandoned the last vestige of their previous capital and instead built their four new cities, returning to the monument only to pay homage to the departed.
Loreday, 20 Intrazel, 1297 AFE
Alternative Names
The Desert Spike, The Mournful Pillar
Monument, Large
Parent Location
Owning Organization


Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt: "Ancient."

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