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Spiritus 20mm Rotary Cannon

(Legacy Content)
The Spiritus is a modified version of the Spitfire 20mm gun employed on only the largest of vehicles, due to the excessive amounts of P.U.L.S.E Liquid required to effectively operate the weapon. The Spiritus fires at a rate of 8,000 rpm, enabling it to effectively reduce lightly armored targets or even small buildings to scrap or rubble respectively. As a P.U.L.S.E Weapon, the Spiritus is about five times as damaging as a standard projectile weapon of the same caliber, capable of piercing heavily armored, steel-hulled vehicles, and even Veluvium armor if given enough time to focus on a single point on the armor. However, as with nearly all P.U.L.S.E.-based weaponry, its effects are either reduced or negated entirely by P.U.L.S.E Energy Shielding, as the projectiles are the result of the P.U.L.S.E Liquid's energetic reaction.


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