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Aerielle Gothrane

(Legacy Content)
This article contains spoilers for The Oblivion Maiden. Proceed with caution.

Lady Aerielle Nulgarum Gothrane (a.k.a. The Oblivion Maiden)

Lady Aerielle Nulgarum Gothrane is a major historical figure in Tyrralore as she was the leading figurehead to retake The Tyrralorean Landmass during the Second Reclamation. Her efforts were paramount in the recapture and rebuilding of Tyrralore, though her efforts do not end at the Second Reclamation, as she is most commonly known as the founder of The Knights of Gothrane, an organization founded to uphold her principles throughout the ages and ensure that the people are protected against even the most terrifying of threats.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Aerielle Gothrane held herself in near "peak" physical condition through much effort to facilitate her outstanding martial prowess. She was documented being able to run at full speed for several hours without tiring in the slightest, and as being able to lift thrice her own weight with moderate effort. She had to maintain this level of fitness due to her melee centric fighting style, as she constantly had to fight against much physically stronger demons in close quarters.

Body Features

Lady Gothrane possessed features that would come to describe the whole of the Urbo-kin race, with a heavily curvaceous form that only hindered her in combat initially, though she learned to circumvent this. She possessed little body hair other than that which topped her head, and aside from the inherent musculature of her form, she retained a rather feminine frame, a quality that has also come to describe female Urbo-kins as a whole.

Facial Features

Lady Gothrane possessed facial features that would come to be known as standard for Urbo-kin, with soft curves and long, pointed ears.

Identifying Characteristics

Gothrane seemed to possess no identifying features save one - other than her being an Urbo-kin at the start of her race - a scar running the length of her right jawbone, a permanent reminder of one of her greatest failure.

Physical quirks

Lady Gothrane nearly always seemed to walk with confidence, even when striding into open combat, aware of her abilities. She seemed to prefer the right hand, though also seemed equally capable of using either hand for swordplay.

Special abilities

Lady Gothrane possessed a Yearn ability which she described as Gravetic Projection. In the most basic terms, the ability seemed to function similarly to very strong telekinesis, the effects of which were generated through manipulative gravitational rifts that she could control. This can produce several effects, from moving nearly any object, to creating invisible blades of force, to allowing her a form of flight, and essentially anything one could imagine possible with such an ability.

Apparel & Accessories

Aerielle prefered to wear dark colors, ranging from black, dark grey, navy blue, deep purple, and crimson, though seemed to more often wear black and purple. She often wore a coat over a simple cargo shirt, with long trousers generally matching her coat in coloration, and wore heavy boots everywhere she went.

Specialized Equipment

Lady Gothrane never left for combat without her arms and armor, which consisted of a P.U.L.S.E.-blade and heavy Veluvium full-plate respectively, with layers of Veluvium chainmail and padded Veuse Fiber gambeson to protect vulnerable areas.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the last few centuries of the first calamity, the Urbo-kin child to be named Aerielle Nulgarum Gothrane was born to an Urbo-kin father named Gilogus Nulan Gothrane and an Alorean mother named Dahlia Kelgarum Gothrane. She was one of the second generation of Urbo-kin to be born, making for a rather surprised community. A rather normal upbringing then ensued - at least what can be considered normal for a new "species" during a calamity - where she found an equal love and passion for law, justice, and strength of both body and mind. From there she differentiated herself from the other Urbo-kin by actively seeking out martial and auratic combat training, and in her eyes following in the footsteps of her idol Lady Ysrai. After finding several successes on the battlefield in the employ of The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative, she returned to find her home in ruins, her mother burned alive, and her father skewered by fang and claw, all at the behest of the demon horde. In this moment, Lady Gothrane would swear vengeance against the hordes for what they had done, a vengeance that would go on to never truly be sated.

Gender Identity

As evident by her titling, Aerielle Gothrane identified as female.


Lady Gothrane was described to be straight in these terms, and while she certainly had interest in a number of potential partners, she put all of that on hold to take part in the Second Reclamation. After the Second Reclamation, however, she gladly partook in such activities, eventually going on to produce two Urbo-kin children, her son Gilligan Nulgarum Gothrane and her daughter Valerie Nulgarum Gothrane with her Alorean husband, partner, and longtime friend Harrivis Gothrane.


Due to the nature of society during the First Calamity, Aerielle's education for both martial training and auratic training once her abilities began to manifest came from her father, who was an astute arming-swordsman. As for basic knowledge, she was sent to a makeshift "academy" alongside other children, for which her mother was the only teacher. Such being, her mother ensured that a positive attitude towards learning and accepting others was instilled in the young Gothrane. With these basic forms of teachings in hand, the rest of her training and education came from firsthand experience, either with people or on the frontlines of combat.


Shortly after reaching a mature state at twenty-five years old, Aerielle immediately joined with the local segment of The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative, which upon seeing what she could do with her Yearn ability, immediately put her on the frontlines to prove her value. To their surprise, not only did Aerielle outperform nearly all of the others in her platoon, but she pretty much single-handedly repelled a demonic surprise attack enough so it could be pushed out when reinforcements arrived. For her bravery, she was immediately awarded a medal and given a small taskforce. With this, she further proved herself to her superiors through a series of successful skirmishes and battles against the demonic hordes, who in turn awarded her promotion after promotion until she became the head of an entire subset organization named after her, The Knights of Gothrane.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She became the forefront leader of the efforts of The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative to retake The Tyrralorean Landmass during the Second Reclamation. Through her efforts and awards, she founded The Knights of Gothrane to provide another layer of defense for the people of Tyrralore.

Failures & Embarrassments

In the early years of her career, she became overconfident in her abilities, and recklessly threw herself and her squad of the time consisting of some of her closest friends headfirst into a demon horde. Granted, with her abilities she could have easily demolished the horde with the tactical help of her squad, but her recklessness cost them dearly, as two of her squadmates died at the hands and claws of that horde, and she barely managed to route the rest of it before it crashed down on top of both her and her last remaining, unconscious squadmate. She has gone on record to say that this reckless act was one of the greatest mistakes of her life, and was an event that helped to temper her resolve in the following conflicts.

Mental Trauma

Her military failure early in her career (see failures) devastated her, and rendered her unable to fight for several months. Though, after reconciliation by the remaining crewmember, she then turned her grief into fuel and began to make her way back to the frontlines, swearing never to allow corruption to claim additional lives, not if she could help it. After a few more successes on the battlefield, she was struck again by tragedy as she returned home to find her house in ruin and her parents murdered at the hands of the demon hordes, an event she began coping with by swearing revenge against any demon caught in her wake.

Intellectual Characteristics

Aerielle Gothrane was commonly described to be tactical and strategically cunning in her later years, and while elements of this certainly existed in her earlier years, this was marred by overconfidence and the few travesties which she would base many of her values upon for the years to come.

Morality & Philosophy

Lady Gothrane was described to hold strong morals and philosophical ideals, namely concerning the areas of justice, law, corruption, and individual strength and capability. These morals were emphasized in every action she undertook, from throwing herself in front of an attack to save another's life, to volunteering herself to go on dangerous missions when no one else would, and standing up for any individual in need that she comes across.


Lady Gothrane held the corruption of the individual as the worst form of crime one could commit through any means, be it through murder, rape, demonic influence, or any other forms of corrupt dealings that would plague the individual.

Personality Characteristics


Lady Gothrane was driven by a fierce will to become a true hero of Alore, just like The Four Great Heroes in the original Reclamation, and with Order's declaration, it seemed like she would get her chance. This gave way to her training in martial capabilities, as well as her training with her Yearn ability, and her eventual service in The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative, where she would find a prosperous career, and eventually become the hero she always wanted to be.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She had an incredible knack for tactics and strategies when concerning a small, usually fast and mobile force, which she used to what seemed to be their greatest efficiencies. Although, she often left large scale tactics to others, generally being relied upon to win decisive battles one by one rather than engage the enemy in frontal combat. And though she was remarkable in this regard, she couldn't help but feel less heroic, since she was involved in less demon slaying conflicts than it seems she would have liked.   Additionally, by her own words, she believed herself to be an unfit candidate for stable, personal relations, instead choosing to focus entirely on her part in the conflict. Though afterwards, it was her feats and morals that others found admirable, rather than her exact choice of words.

Likes & Dislikes

Aerielle seemed to enjoy the company of close friends, despite appearing closed to many of them. If there was anything that Lady Gothrane despised, it was corruption in any form, be it politically minded, bureaucratic, physical, mental, emotional, or demonic in nature, she always had only hatred for those that would gladly refrain from honor in the pursuit of personal gain, especially when it came at the cost of others. In this manner, she always hoped that she would be seen as a form of second Ysrai, outwardly stern and honorful, though inwardly kind and caring.

Virtues & Personality perks

All around the Dark Age tunnels the Tyrralorean people sought refuge in, and all throughout Tyrralore after the Second Reclamation, the name of Gothrane became known as a name of honor, of trust, and of loyalty, as the people ascribed themselves to her morals during her lifetime, believing her to be another Great Hero in the making.

Vices & Personality flaws

In spite of all the good she sought to spread amongst her people, and all the carnage she wrought against the demon hordes in the Second Reclamation, Lady Gothrane was also known for her fiercely vengeful attitude; no one wronged her or those who were close to her and got away without a scratch. The first event that possibly sent her on this course was the murder of her parents at the hands of the demon hordes, the only entity that she has sworn vengeance against and had never fully eradicated.

Personality Quirks

It seems that whenever Aerielle was lost or immersed in thought, she would stare skywards blankly and fiddle with her ears until her attention was brought back to the moment at hand.


Lady Gothrane always kept herself and her equipment clean and well maintained, though she was never afraid to jump straight into the battle and get her hands dirty.


Family Ties

As her parents were murdered in the age of the First Calamity, before the onset of the Second Reclamation, the only other family she had left were her husband, Harrivis Gothrane - who she would outlast - and her two children, her son Gilligan Nulgarum Gothrane, and her daughter Valerie Nulgarum Gothrane.

Social Aptitude

Aerielle was known to be exceptionally confident when speaking, even in war room talks over tactics, and especially when she saw she could help the situation. Though, as with the rest of the Urbo-kin, she generally maintained refined manners, even when she would interrupt.


Lady Gothrane generally used simplistic hand gestures when speaking to further her point.


Lady Gothrane always spoke loud enough to be heard, emphasizing her general desire to confront problems head on. Although, she did eventually learn how to keep her voice down, as much as she did learn the importance of sometimes requiring stealth.

Wealth & Financial state

Lady Gothrane accrued a vast amount of wealth during her lifetime, whether it was collected from vast loot piles of the demon hordes, payments made by her employer, or donations for saving any number of people, though most of it did come from the first option. With this wealth, Lady Gothrane was able to personally assist in the rebuilding efforts all across Tyrralore, serving her people to the very end. After her death, the remainder of her fortunes was split in three uneven amounts, the largest of which being about fifty-percent of the remaining wealth, and going on to fund The Knights of Gothrane, and the other fifty-percent being split between her two children, Gilligan and Aeri.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady Gothrane, Lady of Crossed Blades, The Oblivion Maiden
1141 2647
Circumstances of Birth
The birth of Aerielle Gothrane coincided with the young Order's declaration of war against Balraious-Kaneig in the hundred-year prelude to the events of the Second Reclamation.
Circumstances of Death
Aerielle Gothrane died of advanced Physica Dementaurum at the age of 1,506
Dark Age era tunnels beneath Tyrralore.
Current Residence
A personal family crypt in Vaikous.
Deep, eldritch purple
Mid-back length carbon black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6' 7" (2.0m)
221lbs (100kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"It is by the blades and blood of our ancestors that we were returned to the surface in Reclamation, and it will be by my blade and blood that we shall again see the light of day shone brightly on our future!"
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Lady Gothrane knew two languages: Alorean, and Urbos, though her racial tongue was in its infancy.


Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt: "Legend." This was one I initially made as an extension to the piece I wrote for the Kyanite Anthology Challenge (The Oblivion Maiden if you would like to take a look), but there were some things I knew I had to come back and fix. And hey, she is pretty legendary!

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