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The Orokos

(Legacy Content)
...The desert elves can be seen performing rites that are uncharacteristically non-pragmatic during the later months, perhaps in preparation for some manner of ritualistic purpose, though unless one were to interact with them personally - an unlikely feat given their people's history of banditry throughout the Second Era - the true purpose of this preparation will likely remain unknown...
— The Alorean Compendium, a History
The Orokos is an Oro-kin festival that takes place towards the end of the month of Gjalvazel, where the several tribes of Oro-kin give their thanks to the lands by preparing a comparatively large communal supper which - depending on circumstances in the desert ecosystem - could take weeks or months to ready all the supplies for. Due to the nature of the desert in some areas of Tyrralore, this event cannot be feasibly held every year. However, this natural condition does not apply to the areas around Troydres - even though it is the most barren part of the continent. This of course is entirely thanks to Sir Gautrek Calemir in his Gallantry, the Inspirator-Machina, who goes out of his own way an pays out his own deep pockets to endear himself to the local Oro-kin tribes, even at times taking part in the events.


The Orokos is speculated to have existed since the early to mid Alorean Second Era, given that a moderate amount of time after the progenation of the Oro-kin as a distinctive species had to have passed before this event began. However, this could be incorrect, as three separate generations passed before the Oro-kin came into existence, though this cannot be confirmed, even with direct conversation with the descendant Oro-kin  Originally, the festival is said to have only been a communal thanking of the lands and its creatures for the daily sacrifices it endures to keep their people alive, but as the Oro-kin people began using better and better hunting tactics, it eventually became feasible to add a food based component to the proceedings. This of course culminates in the event that exists today, where nearly every tribe across Tyrralore prepares a comparatively large "feast" for the tribe as a whole, not only to give thanks but to forge bonds between tribe-members.


The Orokos is effectively just a larger and more communal version of a typical Oro-kin dinner, before which the tribe as a whole will thank the desert landscape of the Sansurath and the creatures that live within it for their constant sacrifices. Then the tribe will typically perform acts of merriment, including song and dance while the feast continues, provided some much needed levity to their overall desperate situation. Once the feast as a whole is completed, the tribe will again provide their thanks to the Sansurath before concluding the night.
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Few variations of this event are known to exist outside the normal operations. The only one that reasonably comes to mind in this regard is in reference to the area of the Sansurath surrounding the city of Troydres, in which a Knight of Gothrane - Sir Gautrek Calemir - will transport a large amount of foodstuffs that he had purchased to the surrounding Oro-kin tribes using his Gallantry, The Inspirator-Machina, thereby ensuring the tribes have the means to perform this culturally important ritual. Since he is using his personal vehicle and funding to facilitate this, he is not hindered in any form by the local governments or orders. This means that in addition to thanking the lands, the Oro-kin tribes surrounding Troydres will also include the Inspirator-Machina in their thanks, and even welcome its pilot to their proceedings.


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