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(Legacy Content)
Gallantries are unique, towering battle suits piloted by a single knight from The Knights of Gothrane, gifted to said knight for their service, or continuation thereof. These machines are specifically crafted to enhance and improve upon the specific strengths, abilities, and attributes of the knight who pilots it. As a result, only the knight who the Gallantry is built for can truly pilot the craft, with others being capable of working only basic functions. All Gallantries are equipped with Semi-Personalities that are loyal to their pilots above all, which assist the pilots in the operation of basic and advanced functions. Additionally, all Gallantries are built to be self sustaining and capable of full functionality even when separated from outside P.U.L.S.E Generators, as they are all equipped with small, on-board P.U.L.S.E Generators that can replenish their stock of P.U.L.S.E Liquid within hours of stationary material gathering. Beyond those basics, all Gallantries are unique in their construction, armament, armoring, and general statistics.
"Knight's Hands"
"Virtue through law and order."
Owning Organization
Related Professions
At least 110 million Sanctums, though this minimum is for all basic functions, and the actual price can range from such to upwards of 2 billion Sanctums.
Varies on specific model
Varies on specific model
Varies on specific model, minimum of 30' (9m)
Varies on specific model
Varies on specific model
Complement / Crew
1 Knighted Pilot
Cargo & Passenger Capacity


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