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Selkik Viruen

Doeveigan Civil Rights

(Legacy Content)

Selkik Irevas Viruen (a.k.a. The Damned Champion)

"Viruen, a name that has been born, died, born again, remade, and faltered in finality. Selkik, a name that gave meaning to a people, died with them, and was reborn through the ashes in legacy. These two names are synonymous with second chances - a tale of making amends."
— Regulus Vaikyn, on the Doeveigan Civil Rights movement
  The life of Selkik Viruen is majorly complex. Starting with promising beginnings, to her involvement in Doeveigan civil affairs, to the tragedy of her transformation and death - her life was constantly and consistently marred by challenges. However, entirely in spite of these challenges, she prevailed in taking up and championing the Doeveigan Civil Rights movement in Tyrralore. Eventually, she even went on to become an advisor for Regulus Vaikyn in her council during the initial decades of her reign, before finally being silenced in the tragedy that was the Second Calamity.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Selkik can be described in two variations, firstly in her early years, and secondly in her later years as a Doeveiga. By all merits, Selkik was originally very physically unimpressive, lacking any true distinguishing features. Some had even said she appeared more like an Urbo-kin than an Alorean, save the lack of pointy ears.   That changed after her transformation, where her physique took on a form that emulates other Succubi, and becoming far more physically capable. As a result of her transformation, Selkik possesses features that are essentially designed to attract and hold attention. She has even stated that her appearance has at times dictated entire conversations, though she entirely attempts to disallow such things to truly have an effect on proceedings, not wanting to appear as using an unfair advantage in debates.

Special abilities

Although there exists no records of usage in any form, it is speculated that due to her being Lust-Born she does possess some manner of Maijure, particularly in the schools of Clairum and Illusum.

Apparel & Accessories

Selkik was well aware of the effect her "natural" appearance had on others - especially men. As a result, she worked tirelessly to hide as much skin as possible, oftentimes only having her face be shown. She always wore informal, loose-fitting clothing, particularly turtleneck sweaters and loose pants, complete with closed shoes, and full gloves.

Specialized Equipment

While she never really carried personal defense equipment and only wore clothing, she additionally used strips of gauze to forcefully tie down what parts of her form she could not easily hide beneath layers of cloth or magical disguise, be it tail, wings, or overtly large features.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Selkik's life began badly, born into a destitute, abusive, and hateful family - especially towards The Doeveiga - her life quickly became a game of cat and mouse, avoiding the wrath of both mother and father while reading and educating herself as much as she could, becoming a quick thinker, and taking a keen interest in the plight of those so hated Doeveiga, almost empathising with them and their situation.   This became especially true when in her fifteenth year of life, she suffered an encounter with a rogue Succubus, causing her to transform into what her parents saw only as monsters and parasites. She was disowned, and thrown to the streets, forcing her to adapt to not only harsh surroundings, but a new form and its accompanying symptoms and withdrawals. Her quick thinking, she claims, was the only thing from her previous life that got her through those hard times, eventually finding her way to the Doeveigan Civil Rights movement headquarters - a movement which now also stood for her. Thusly, she began her quest to rise through the ranks, and "fight" for the rights of what are now her people.   Through everything she went through on her path to power, she never allowed her moral code to buckle, even in the face of bribes, threats, or even kidnapping and torture, only hardening her resolve to right the countless wrongs of the past. Unfortunately, even with the protection granted to her by being in the council to Regulus Vaikyn, she and many others were burned alive by an angry mob at the onset of the Second Calamity, never to see the fruits of their labor.


While Selkik never really expressed herself sexually - mostly due to her being Lust-Born - her stated preference was indeed for men. Being Lust-Born certainly complicated things, and many times had lead to messages not being delivered in perhaps as proper of tone as they should have been.


Selkik was majorly self-educated, a twofold result of her parents not being able to afford to send her even to public schooling, and the fact that said parents believed such public schooling to be a force only capable of indoctrinating children into believing that demons - including The Doeveiga - are actually good-hearted.


As with any Doeveiga or demon-spawn, Selkik did not require money for sustenance, and thusly could focus her undivided attention on climbing political ranks and making an impact on the world.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Selkik was able to, at least for a short while, secure equal rights and opportunities for a majority of The Doeveiga she represented, culminating to some manner of prosperity during the few short decades before the Second Calamity brought public opinion back to where it was at the beginning of the Civil Rights movement.

Failures & Embarrassments

Even with her influence being instrumental in establishing a Doeveiga-accepting society, surprisingly her career was not marred by the same supposed failings of her earlier life. The main challenges to her career mainly came from opposition to the movement as a whole, as opposed to personal failings affecting the movement.

Mental Trauma

Selkik personally claimed that she was constantly haunted by the ghosts of her parent's influence, always at the edge of her mind in the form of self-doubt. But more incessantly, the memory of that fateful encounter, resulting in a permanent, unwanted change that dictated her resolve moving forward, eternally haunted by the symptoms of and withdrawals of her addictive demonic form.

Intellectual Characteristics

Selkik was often described as incredibly wise for her age, a byproduct of having to mature so quickly. The result of this was exactly the kind of youthful energy the movement needed to bring itself out of its stagnant state and into the view of the modern populous. This not only helped with her meteoric rise through the movement's ranks, but also allowed her to provide policies and ideas to the movement that helped to gain outside help, especially from the common people.

Morality & Philosophy

Selkik was a staunch believer in the ideals of The Four Great Heroes, and constantly cites them and their stories when she gave her speeches in her later career. She believed in true equality of opportunity and rights, and is said to have never once buckled under moral strain. Even when other activists and supportive politicians fell around her to temptations, bribes, or otherwise, and even when she herself was faced with such adversity, she remained resolute, proving to the Doeveiga and to the world that she stood for what she believed was right.

Personality Characteristics


Selkik is driven by a personal need to establish an equilibrium in her life, and she sought to do so in a way that also benefited others, i.e. the Doeveigan Civil Rights movement. This can be attributed to the substandard conditions she was exposed to by her parents during her youth, or perhaps even by her own want to right the wrongs of the people her parents represent. Regardless of its cause, she remained driven towards success even to her death.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Selkik always seemed to be great at comforting others, be that to fill a void left by her parents, or as a byproduct of her dual-nature, she always sought to give others a sense of security. She was also remarkable when it came to speaking, possessing a natural charisma unburdened by the effects of her demonic heritage.

Likes & Dislikes

Selkik despised few things as much as she did those who betrayed her trust, or sought to use her for their own ends. However, in spite of this, she always allowed such offenders to prove themselves repentant if they truly sought redemption. But should they abuse this opportunity as well, they would have no mercy to fall back upon.

Virtues & Personality perks

Selkik was often described as stalwart and determined when on her marches and demonstrations, though never allowed that to blind her to the situations of the people following behind.

Vices & Personality flaws

Selkik was occasionally easily distracted, typically when her withdrawals flared from lack of "feeding."


Social Aptitude

Selkik had always remained determined to see her goals through to the end, and she realized that to do so she would need to acclimate to the unfamiliar social climate. Being a quick learner, she swiftly found herself a voice that could carry her meaning.

Wealth & Financial state

Selkik was never one for massive amounts of wealth, particularly due to her upbringing forcing her to become as frugal as possible. As such, during her earlier years, whatever money she had that wasn't immediately taken from her by her parents she used to purchase books or newspapers, all of which were promptly destroyed by her parents when they disowned her. After the encounter, however, she used all of her funds to establish herself as much as she could, donating the rest of what she had to the movement or other families in destitution.
Below provided for better detail.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
For her service to the Doeveiga, and partially given as a derogatory nickname by her opponents, she was named "Champion of the Damned," or more succinctly, "The Damned Champion."
9917 10160
Circumstances of Birth
Selkik Viruen was born in the bastion city of Troydres, Tyrralore, to a family who notably loathed The Doeveiga.
Circumstances of Death
Selkik Viruen died by being burned at the stake alongside other supporters of the Doeveigan Civil Rights movement at the beginning of the Second Calamity.
The slums of Troydres.
Current Residence
The dunes of The Sansurath.
Faded Jade
Long, mid-back length scarlet
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale and freckled, transitioning to pale and perfectly unblemished after her transformation
5' 6" (1.7m)
220 lbs (100 kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Society believes us to be mere monsters - no better than the beasts of the wilds. But they do not believe the irony of this disposition. If their acts are revealed as monstrous on an innocent people, then they will awake from this hateful nightmare, and they will see the wake of their sleepwalking wrath."
— Selkik, on the topic of Aloreans
Known Languages
Selkik learned a few languages during her education, as she was fascinated by the differences in cultures. Such languages are Alorean, Urbos, and even Oro from strange texts she would sometimes come across about the desert elves.

Cover image: by Astrandedrusalka


Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Premier Politicians challenge. This one was quite fun to write and develop, and helped to add and extrapolate a whole new layer to my world - quite possibly the aim of these challenges to be honest.

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26 Sep, 2019 16:37

It is cool how detailed you describe your character. I find it fascinating how she develeped from an abandon child to a movement leader who would ever give a second chance and always true to her cause.

26 Sep, 2019 18:05

Personally, I've always had a thing for stories where the character grows up surrounded by problems in their society, only to advance and fix said problems. I believe it's a tad more inspiring to see the path someone takes to bring themselves and others out of the muck and into the light, rather than one that starts in the light and stays there. In any case, thank you for your comment!

26 Sep, 2019 17:36

I like the idea that she finds her appearance so much more of a curse than a gift, to a point of wanting to hide it; it really gets away from some common succubi tropes. The article gives an idea that whilst she has made some important progress for her cause, there is still so much to do and just how heavy it weighs on her.

26 Sep, 2019 18:09

This is exactly the kind of response I was hoping for when I wrote this! I wanted to play on the fact that sometimes people can be so petty as to degrade others for changes that are out of their control, and the fact that in spite of that, if one truly makes the effort, they can still succeed in life with enough hard work - really a main theme of the world in general. Thank you for the Comment!

27 Sep, 2019 16:33

You have a very compelling and interesting character here. I like how she was thrust into a bad situation and still managed to make the best of it, even leading a civil rights movement. I also appreciate the subversion of common succubus behavior with her hiding her skin and not abusing her potential to influence men.

27 Sep, 2019 17:34

Exactly! The Alorean people are typically well aware of the dangers Succubi pose to their society, so as a movement leader, it seemed natural for her to to put as much distance between herself and those tendencies as possible so political relations or public opinion doesn't sour. Thank you for the comment!

28 Sep, 2019 14:42

Feedback was requested and here it is!   There's an impressive amount of detail on the character; it's clear that you have spent quite a bit of time thinking about all the bits and bobs that make it a full person. While impressive, it also works against it - there is not as much of a story or narrative flair to the article as there could be. That's not to say there needs to be a big backstory dump (in fact, I generally advice against those).   But we're now presented with a heap of details, underneath tidy headers. It makes it a little dry. I might consider what could be done to spice it up; what is the story you want to tell us with the article? What details can be cut without loss to the reader? More is not always better.   For some specifics feedback:  

The life of Selkik Viruen is majorly complex, from her promising beginnings, to her involvement in Doeveigan civil affairs, to the tragedy of her transformation and death, her life was constantly and consistently marred by challenges.
  This sentence is a little long at 36 words and contains 4 commas. I would consider splitting it up so each part is shorter and with fewer interruptions.  
However, entirely in spite of these challenges, she prevailed in taking up and championing the Doeveigan Civil Rights movement in Tyrralore, eventually even going on to become an advisor for Regulus Vaikyn in her council during the initial decades of her rien, before finally being silenced in the tragedy that was the Second Calamity.
  Another long sentence with a lot of commas that I would consider splitting up. This one is 54 words long.   Also "decades of her rien" - reign?  
However, after her transformation, her physique took on a form that emulates other Succubi, which will remain in said documentation.
  What documentation? That part is unclear and it isn't apparent what is being referred to. It sounded like there would be a second article or something, talking about her as a demon.   Also, just keep in mind how many sentence you start with "However" so it doesn't get overused :) Most of the time, it is a word that can be safely removed.   This is where we come to our first part where the depth of detail might be working against you instead of for you. There's three headers here dealing with her physical. I think it is worth to ask yourself if you think the article has a better flow if all those details were under one header with a more cohesive flow to them instead. Worth thinking about! :)  
leaning down only to elevate others to her side.
  The exact meaning of this sentence may be unclear to the reader. It could be worth clarifying exactly what it is you wish to communicate in the text.  
Selkik was well aware of the effect her "natural" appearance had on others - especially men - and worked tirelessly to hide as much skin as possible, oftentimes only having her face be shown.
  Another long sentence at 32 words :)  
she additionally used strips of gauze to forcefully tie down what parts of her form she could not easily hide beneath layers of cloth.
  It would probably be better to be specific rather than vague here. Her wings? Tail?  
Personal history
  I would consider breaking this big wall of text into a few paragraphs, to make it easier to read.     Good luck with the challenge!

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Opens with a very strong quote! Great use of art as well. Good job!

30 Sep, 2019 22:02

I believe what can be truly achieved with art can outweigh anything done in words. Astrandedrusalka did a marvelous job incorporating numerous aspects of the character into her piece. And what the art cannot tell, the starting quote basically sums up. Thank you for the comment!

14 Oct, 2019 17:41

This is a great entry Regulus! You place down the information needed to get a picture of this character very concisely! I'd love to see you use more custom bbcode in the future!   I'd love to see more of the events that led to her rise and fall fleshed out as well! For example, why did the angry mob get to her? Could she have fled? Did she wish to die a martyr?

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