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Land Sirens

(Legacy Content)
Land Sirens are a name belonging to a type of Sloth demon capable of disguising itself as a variety of rare and lucrative creatures to lure in prey. Such prey can include all manner of creatures given their impressive physical attributes, but are most often sentient creatures, most common of which being unlucky travellers, traders, and adventurers. Due to their demonic nature, Land Sirens are notoriously difficult to permanently put down, especially given their propensity to ambush opponents.

Basic Information


Land Sirens are roughly humanoid in shape, though their exact features are often hidden behind mystical disguises. When unveiled, Land Sirens are typically described as a horrific fusion of multiple creatures, notably possessing the head of an angler fish, the rotted feathery wings of a raven on its back, and matted black boar's fur covering its thin and gangly body. As with most Sloth demons, the innards of Land Sirens remain generally unknown as no remains are left upon a demon's death, and general hypothesis do not seem to hold any credence as with other types of demons. Land Sirens do possess, similarly to other demons, Sloth type Brimstone cores. This is known due to the creature not disintegrating upon death after its core is destroyed, though their bodies rot away far to quickly to perform accurate analysis.

Genetics and Reproduction

Land Sirens are unlike other Sloth demons when it comes to reproduction. Instead of slowly corrupting people into more Sloth demons, these creatures take a more direct approach: upon beheading and devouring the innards of a victim, a Land Siren swallows whatever is left of the victim whole, bloating itself in the process. After a period of time ranging from three days to about a week, the remains are expelled into a disgusting fleshy heap, which is then left on its own - usually in the creature's den - to fester into another Land Siren.

Growth Rate & Stages

Upon being expelled by the "mother," the flesh heap will take approximately eight days to manifest the first features of a Land Siren, typically the head and fur. It will then lay motionless for about a month before twitching to life at its full size.

Ecology and Habitats

Land Sirens can exist anywhere in the world that has a plentiful societal presence, as their primary prey are Aloreans.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Being Sloth demons, Land Sirens usually employ strategies that result in the least amount of overall effort to capture prey, resulting in their ambush predator lifestyle. Usually, one kill every few days will be enough to sate a Land Siren, though particularly industrious instances can hunt as much as twice per day.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Land Sirens possess exceptional senses of sight, hearing, and smell. Additionally, Land Sirens seem to be capable of detecting prey creatures beyond its view with enough time to prepare itself in an ambush. Strangely, they appear to have a method of sensing what its prey believes to be an attractive being to further amplify its disguise.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Sloth Demon
Land Sirens are immutable, meaning that as long as they continue to feed they are immune to the effects of age.
Average Height
5' 5" - 6' (1.7m - 1.8m)
Average Weight
150 lbs - 170 lbs (68 kg - 77 kg)


Author's Notes

An apex predator in function whose appearance leaves horror and disgust in all who manage survive an encounter with such an abomination. Be careful what you trust!

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