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Solarians, otherwise referred to as the people of the sun, are Aloreans who have been born with great power and even greater purpose. The birth of such a being marks three distinct changes from the norm: the child will be surrounded by an aura of light for approximately ten to fifteen minutes before fading, the parents of the child will be mystically given extremely vague information as to their child's purpose, and the parents will gain an ability of their choice and design in order to assist in preparing their child for their destiny. Solarians always seem to possess features that other species will find admirable or attractive. Solarians are also immutable, so long as they maintain good health and physique. Additionally, the destinies that Solarians are to embark on range in importance, everything from saving a single person of import, to preventing the populous of an entire city from being consumed by demons, to even rebuilding entire civilizations from scratch after a calamity, though no two Solarian destinies are alike. Although they are born with great power, ultimately, it is their choice on whether or not to follow their destiny. And should the wrong Solarian choose to back out of their destiny, the entire world could be at stake.   Generally, it is believed that Solarians first came into existence during the Second Reclamation, where Order themselves delivered Alorean society from the brink of destruction by banishing Balraious-Kaneig from Alore. As such, Order is widely considered to be the first Solarian.


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